World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Movement Visits and Movement Building, 2006


SCM Indonesia
L-R: Ganda Situmorang, GMKI GenSec; Kenli Poluan, GMKI
Chairperson; Necta; Freddy Pandiangan, GMKI Deputy Gen Sec

In 2006, the WSCF Regional Team visited five movements in 2006. On April 3-8, 2006, the Regional Secretary attended the National Consultation of GMKI or SCM Indonesia in Ambon, Indonesia. She was invited to present a paper on Neoliberalism and Social Movements in Asia, the theme of the national consultation. At this occasion, she dialogued with the leaders and students of the national movements, where concerns were raised on the relationship of the national movement with the federation, issues of religious conflict in Sulawesi, and the situation of people in West Papua.

Necta with KSCF Senior Friends and Staff at Incheon Minjung

The second visit was to the Korean Student Christian Federation (KSCF) on May 6, 2006. The Regional Secretary met with the officers and staff of KSCF to discuss the situation of the national movement and share the concerns of the federation. She also visited the student members at the Soongsil University and senior friends at the Haein Minjung Church in Incheon, south of Seoul, Korea.

SCM Pakistan
Marshall Fernando and Necta with SCM Pakistan senior friends
and officers

From June 25 to 30, 2006 the Regional Secretary and former WSCF Chairperson, Marshall Fernando visited the SCM Pakistan in Lahore to collect information about the situation of the national movement and determine its status which will help the Regional Committee to decide on lifting the sanctions on the national movement. The visiting team met with the members of the SCM's national executive committee, the senior friends, and the students at Foreman College in Lahore. The visit yielded good results as concrete information were gathered which became the basis of inviting SCM Pakistan to once again re-join the federation and participate in its activities and programs.

L-R: Paddy Noble, Im Thano, Dirth Sareth, CSCM Intern and
staff during the student center inauguration in Phnon Phen

On August 20, the Regional Secretary attended the inauguration of the Cambodia Student Christian Mission (CSCM) Student Center and the Ecumenical Church in Phom Phen, Cambodia. At this occasion, the regional secretary conveyed its greetings and congratulations to the members of SCM Cambodia and the Ecumenical Church. She also met with the SCM officers, staff and senior friends and discussed the problems and plans of the national movement.

Following the violent conflict that has occurred in Dili, Timor Leste beginning April 2006, SCM Timor Leste had to postpone all its programs and activities for the year. Many of the members left the capital town in Dili and moved to the countryside and provinces to avoid being caught-up in the tension. Members who opted to stay behind lived in the Evacuation Centers for several months. On November 2 to 5, 2006, Regional staff visited Timor Leste to meet with the members of the movement, assess the situation and plan how to respond to the urgent situation in Timor Leste.