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Regional Programme

17th Regional Women’s Committee Meeting
and Standing Committee Meeting

February 26 to March 1, and March 1 to 5, 2005
Hong Kong

17th Regional Women’s Committee Meeting The 17th Regional Women’s Committee Meeting and Standing Committee Meeting were held on 26 February - 1 March and 1-5 March 2005 respectively in Hong Kong.

The newly elected Regional Women’s Committee and Standing Committee members met for the first time since the Chiangmai RCM to articulate on the vision and mission of the region as well as the Federation.

The Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) spent 2 full days deliberating on the vision and direction of the Regional Women’s Programme for the next 3 years. The RWC observed that the current trend of many SCMs moving from the Women’s Question to the Gender Question is notable, and that there is a need not to neglect the many oppressions and discriminations that are still being experienced by women even though there have been much emphasis made on gender equality and equity. Hence, the RWC envisioned that from 2005-2007, the Regional Women’s Programme will:

  1. actively encourage each SCM to have a women’s officer and a regular women’s programme
  2. emphasis on women’s issues alongside gender issues
  3. emphasis on women exploring spirituality and theology, re-reading the bible from Feminist Perspective
  4. encourage women and men to respond to the ideals they have explored

And lastly, as a Communion of God, the Regional Women’s Programme Re-claim the Passion of Women’s Concerns and the Importance of Women’s Struggles, and we Affirm that women and men travel together on this Journey to end Oppression.

The Standing Committee Meeting (SC) spent 4 exhausting days planning and visioning for the Asia-Pacific region, and some of the highlights are as follows:

The Programmes for 2005/2006

The SC approved the following programmes:


  1. Global Women’s Programme of the WSCF, hosted by AP region, on the theme “Violence Against Women: Challenging Gender Roles and Power Relations between Women and Men”. More than 25 women will participate in this programme from all over the world. The date is 24-31 July and the venue is Manila, Philippines.
  2. Joint Women’s Programme of WSCF AP and SCM – For 2005/2006, the women’s programmes of the region will be joint efforts between the national movements and AP region to strengthen the foundation of women’s programme in each National Movement, thereby improving women’s participation in the life of the movement.
  3. 3rd School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) – All movements in the region are invited to the SELF which will be held in India on September.
  4. Justpeace and Human Rights Working Group Meeting – Some movements will be invited by AP Human Rights and Solidarity Coordinator, Bayani Alonzo to join the Human Rights and Solidarity Working Group which will convene in May to strategise on the works of WSCF AP’s as well as the Federation’s Human Rights and Solidarity.
  5. Solidarity E-news and Peace Campaign – The Human Rights and Solidarity Coordinator will publish E-news once every two months and to initiate several peace campaigns to enhance AP’s solidarity involvement. Particularly, the AP region will put much energy in addressing issues with regards to the WTO meeting on December in Hong Kong. 
  6. Human Rights and Peace Interns
  7. DAGA in Hong Kong – Carlo from SCM Philippines
  8. Action Asia in Cambodia – Gilbert Bipul from Bangladesh SCM
  9. Batis and Gabriela (Women’s Issues) – Chiang Wan Zhen from Taiwan SCM, and Chang Hee Won from Korea SCM
  10. CCA-WSCF Joint Consultation on the Ecumenical Ministry – The SC recommended Australia SCM to organise a national consultation with the Australia NCC in due time.
  11. National Coordinator’s Meeting – All national coordinators/general secretaries will be invited to a 5-day meeting to strengthen ties between movements and region/Federation. It will be held in late October in Bangkok.
  12. Movement Grant and Exchange Program – The movement grant was reconfirmed by the SC – with the detailed amount that was discussed in the last RCM. For 2005, the movement exchange fund will be given to East Timor SCM for its movement building efforts.


  1. Student Empowerment for Transformation (SET) in June, with venue either in Taiwan or Korea
  2. Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) in July or August, with a possibility to be held in Bangladesh
  3. Human Rights and Solidarity Workshop and Human Rights and Peace Internship

The details of the 2006 programmes will be worked out by the regional staff.