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Regional Programme

16th Regional Committee Meeting

July 31 to August 3, 2004
Chiangmai, Thailand

The Programme

The 16th Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) took place in Chiangmai, Thailand on 2-3 August 2004. This meeting brought 14 affiliated member movements, 1 associated and 1 contact movement to reflect and discuss on the work done by the Asia-Pacific Region in the last couple of years as well as to make plans for the next two years that would continue to empower SCMers in their students’ life. The 16th RCM also elected new leaders who will serve for the region for the coming two years.

The recommendations made by the participants in this RCM are: 

New Movements

After 6 years’ of significant efforts by the regional office and committed students in Cambodia, Cambodia SCM was accepted as an affiliated movement. Cambodia SCM conducts regular programmes such as bible studies, workshops and exposure programs. It has about 50 student memberships in several universities.

SCM Timor Leste was accepted as an associated movement after the RCM listened to the report from Antonio who is currently the coordinator of the SCM Timor Leste. SCM Timor Leste was formed in 2002. It has about 20 student memberships in several universities in Dili.

Student Empowerment for Transformation (SET)

Theme: “Alternative Education in the Context of a Pluralistic Society in Asia-Pacific – The Role of Student Christian Movement”

Peace education is very important in the Asian context where diverse cultures and religions co-exist. In reality, conflict and wars have become a part of people’s life in many places in the region. Thus, it is very urgent for SCM to address the issue of peace in conjunction with education. Education can be considered as a powerful tool of achieving peace in the region as well as world.

A possible theme of the SET 2006 can be “Militarisation and Inter-religious cooperation”.

Movement Exchange Programmes

Movement Exchange programme: Since this programme has empowered bi-lateral cooperation among movements, the RCM recommended an extension to more movements as long as the budget allows.


The recommended topics for Praxis in year 2005-2006 are:

CCA-WSCF Joint Consultations

CCA-WSCF Joint Consultations: The incoming Standing Committee in consultation with the CCA-WSCF Joint Committee can recommend two movements to organise the Consultations.

National Coordinators’ Meeting

Since this meeting has provided a good opportunity for SCM coordinators to strategise the practical work, the RCM recommended to conduct it bi-annually.

Ecology Programme

The RCM recommended to revive the ecology programme which was conducted once in 2001.


The region should continue to support the EASYNet, but the RCM recommended that regional office to conduct a careful assessment with regard to the financial support to the EASYNet.

Human Rights and Solidarity Programme

After an evaluation on the current internship, the RCM recommended to return to regional level’s program with one internship instead of 3 internships every year. While the goal of the internship is well accepted by movements, the output of the interns has not been well reflected in the human rights and peace works in the national movements.

The RCM recommended anti-war and peace campaigns should continue in as many places in the region that are in wars and conflicts.

New Standing Committee & Regional Women’s Committee

And Congratulations to the elected members of the Standing Committee who will serve the Asia-Pacific region for 2004-2006. They are:

Congratulations too to the new members of the Regional Women Committee, they are:

Our warm well-wishes to these committee members and we look forward to their contribution of new ideas and valuable experience to the Asia-Pacific region!