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Regional Programme

Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

January 12 to 15, 2002
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) Meeting was held on 12-15 January prior to the Standing Committee Meeting. This is the first meeting for the new RWC members since their elections in the Regional Committee Meeting in 2001. The members consist of Lasma Tobing from SCM-Indonesia, Sophia Wooldridge from Australia SCM, Kaythi Min Din from SCM-Myanmar, Dayanthi Samaranayake from SCM-Sri Lanka, Glenda Rocas from SCM-Philippines and Wong Yock Leng, current Regional Women’s Coordinator.

For the RWC Meeting, all six women members shared on AP’s women programme and activities and help developed future programmes for the Regional Women’s Programme. The planned programmes for 2002-2003 are:

  1. Women Empowerment for Transformation: Trafficking of Women in Northeast Asia This programme will be to be held in Taiwan, 1-9 March 2002. It will focus on the pertinent issue of women exploitation in the societies in Northeast Asia. The three main sessions are: Social Analysis on Trafficked Women, Bible Study in relation to women exploitation, and Skills Training for Monitoring, Campaigning and Advocacy work.
  2. Women Doing Theology 2002
    This programme will be held in Aotearoa/New Zealand on 1-10 September 2002. The theme for this WDT Workshop is “Women and the Bible: Women as Leaders”. The focus for this WDT is on highlighting the leadership potential and qualities in the SCM women. Hence, there will be sessions on Bible Study that emphasize the stories of women as leaders, Gender and Social Analysis on Gender Discrimination, Skills Training on Conducting Creative Bible Study/Worships/Liturgies and Writing Meditations.
  3. Workshop on Feminist Theologies
    This programme is tentatively decided for 2003 and aims to focus on facilitating a deeper level of understanding of the various Feminist Theologies and their origins. It hopes to help women SCMers understand the Bible and Christian Theology from a feminist and inclusive viewpoint.

In this RWC Meeting, it was also agreed that there should be sufficient time allocated for the Pre-Women’s Meeting prior to RCM 2003 in order to have more time for the women delegates to share and understand the proceedings of both the RCM and the subsequent General Assembly 2003. Also, an on-going project for networking the former participants of RWP and former members of the RWC would be formed. This will enable a gathering and strengthening of resources for the movements as well as for the Federation.