World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Student & Youth Network

The setting up of EASYNet, which consists of six ecumenical student and youth groups in Asia-Pacific:

is the fruit of an intentional consolidation of the Asia Student and Youth Gathering

Meeting 2001Eight representatives from the five organizations strongly felt the need to build a network that could continuously support and generate energy for students and youth at grassroots level to work together for common concerns. In a planning meeting which took place on 18-21 January 2001 in Hong Kong, the group decided to have “national coordinators” and a loose structure called the Ecumenical Team, which will be instrumental in organizing various grassroots-level ecumenical activities.

The primary function of EASYNet is to support and facilitate the promotion of “grassroots ecumenism” among the five organizations’ constituencies. To better understand our needs and to support the Ecumenical Team, EASYNet will organize a National Coordinators Meeting in early 2002. EASYNet will represent these five organizations in networking with other groups in the region.