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International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) Asia-Pacific

IMCS Asia-Pacific logoThe International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) under the name of PAX ROMANA was formed in 1921 in Fribourgh, Switzerland, with a mission “to carry out the complete development of Catholic idea in the student milieu in all fields of university, intellectual and social life, based on the best traditions of the Christian past and trying to meet the exigencies of the present times.”

Today, IMCS continues to strive for a sense of mission within the milieu, crossing the boundaries of race, culture and religion, inspired by Christ and the gospel values. IMCS is a lay movement of tertiary students and the university is the main field of our evangelization efforts. In solidarity with all marginalized social sectors, we increasingly discover the scientific, intellectual and cultural demands of the struggle for justice. We put our studies at the service of the poor.

The International Office in Paris serves as an overall coordinator. IMCS Regional offices, found in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America coordinate its respective members. Most of the members linked to IMCS Asia-Pacific are the national Catholic Student Movements and Contact Groups of university students.

As an International Catholic Organization (ICO) recognized by the Holy See, IMCS has an active role within the United Nations and have Consultative B status with UNESCO. We take part especially on matters concerning youth, education, literacy and development.

IMCS Asia-Pacific

Based in Manila, Philippines, IMCS Asia-Pacific is coordinating and working with student groups in the following countries in the three Sub-Regions:

South Asia

Southeast Asia and Pacific

East Asia

Sri Lanka


Hong Kong
Mainland China

What We Are Doing?

Witnessing to Justice and participation in the process of integral human development with other social forces is our main goal. IMCS Asia-Pacific continues to initiate campaign for international solidarity, especially to issues involving students directly or urgent issues affecting the poor and the oppressed.

Through periodic visit and communications with the National Movements/Groups, IMCS Asia-Pacific facilitates networking and strengthens the consolidation process undertaken by its constituency.

Our publications (mainly issue-based and news) provide information and stimulation to IMCS Asia-Pacific members and friends.

Formation Programs at the National, Sub-Regional and Regional levels for students and chaplains/animators are organized to supplement, systematize and consolidate mutual learning experiences and deepening the process for faith formation and commitment among the members.

IMCS Asia-Pacific has been in solidarity with and participated in activities of our fraternal organizations and friends. This promotes collaboration and develops stronger bonds between IMCS Asia-Pacific and other like-minded movements and organizations.

As a Resource Center, we focus mainly on Human Rights, Gender Issues and Higher Education. Besides having database, we organize Training Programs based on these three areas.

Extension Works done through correspondence, visitations and assisting in the formation programs have been identified in Burma, Macau, Vietnam and Mainland China.


International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) Asia-Pacific
IMCS Asia-Pacific website Address: IMCS Asia-Pacific Resource Center
20 Avocado Road, Pilar Village
Almanza, Las Piñas, MM 1750, Philippines
Telephone: 632 - 800 6473
Facsimile: 632 - 800 6466
Email: imcs[at]