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Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) - Youth

CCA logoCCA Youth is a program area of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA). Formed in 1957, CCA is a one of the expressions of Asia Ecumenical Movement. It is a fellowship of more than 100 churches and national councils of churches in nineteen Asia countries. All the major Protestant churches are members (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran, Salvation Army, Quakers, Independent Churches). The Catholic Church is not yet a member of CCA although there is a close working relationship in some of the CCA programs.

Therefore, CCA Youth is not an independent organization; it is part of the mission of CCA and works with different church youth groups in Asia. As for most of the local churches, they usually have their own youth groups. At the national level, there usually exist ecumenical youth councils or committees, which act as policy and coordinating bodies nationally. Therefore, at the Asian regional level, CCA Youth hopes to be the coordinating and supporting body of these national groups. CCA Youth also relates with other regional ecumenical bodies such as in the Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, North America, Europe and Middle East, through our participation in the Youth Unit of World Council of Churches.

For whatever programs and activities of CCA Youth, the priority is to support, nurture and consolidate the ecumenical youth movement at local, national, Asian and global levels, primarily by youth leadership formation. With their skills and commitment, we hope that young people can contribute to the ecumenical movement by providing leadership, developing a new ecumenical vision and the transforming the church and ecumenical practices.

CCA Youth puts this priority into practice through programs, which are carried out in association with the support of national movements, local churches and other Asian youth and student’s movements. These programs include Leadership Training Program, Internship Program, Support National Movements Activities by Youth Fund, Regional and Inter-regional Networking and Publications.


Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) - Youth
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