World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme
Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Student & Youth Network (EASYNet)

Programs for 2011


EASYNET Coordinating Team (CT) Meeting

3rd week of February, Hong Kong

The EASYNET Annual Coordinating (CT) Team Meeting is a planning and coordinating meeting composed of representatives of the six member organization of EASYNET, namely, Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCA, YWCA, WSCF AP, CCA, IMCS and IYCS. The CT will meet to evaluate the work of EASYNET in 2010, the status of the National Ecumenical Teams (NETs), review the work of the Regional Coordinator and discuss the possibility of extending or hiring a new Coordinator, and plan for the joint programs of the seven member organizations for 2011 and the 10th year Founding Anniversary of EASYNET. The meeting will also be an opportunity to share the plans and situation of each member organization and foster greater ecumenical cooperation among the 6 organizations and turn-over of EASYNET Moderator position to another organization. The WSCF Regional Secretary will attend this meeting representing WSCF AP.

EASYNET Writers Workshop

June (venue and date to be finalized by the EASYNET Coordinating Team)

The EASYNET Writers Workshop is a joint program by the seven member organization of EASYNET. It aims to gather 15 creative young artist, writers, song writes, budding poets, web designer, visual artists, from the member organization for one-week Creative Writes Workshop to produce ecumenical materials that will be used for the EASYNET Youth Week Celebration in October. The Workshop is an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and concerns for topics and issues affecting their lives in creative ways. These materials are used by the member organizations in their advocacy work as well. We invite SCM members who can contribute their time and talent to send in their application.

EASYNET Youth Week Celebration

3rd week of October

Every year, the EASYNET member organization commits itself to celebrating the “Youth Week” which aims to bring the young people of EASYNet member movement and partner organizations to come together to reflect on issues affecting the lives of young people and to discern its Christian praxis. It is also a time to collectively celebrate our youthful journey, blessings and solidarity. In recent decades, EASYNet Week is more popularly known as Asia Youth Week (AYW) Celebration among CCA Youth (NCC Youth). However after ASYG 2000, CCA felt that AYW should be more “ecumenically” celebrated thus in 2001, the CCA and NCC youth have actively enjoined partner movements to join in the AYW celebration. In 2002, CCA officially turned over to EASYNet the initiatives of celebrating the Youth Week. In the last 5 years, EASYNet week is known as Asia Pacific Students and Youth Week (APSYW). This year we are launching the EASYNet Week this in the context of actively promoting the network among its member movement from the national leadership to its grassroots membership. The EASYNet Week can also be a venue for localized/grassroots celebration of “National Students and Youth Gathering.”