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EASYNet Regional Coordinating Team appoints World YWCA as Moderation for Year 2010

EASYNet CT members
EASYNet CT members: (L-R: Maria Galvelo, YWCA; Cristina Miranda,
EASYNet Regional Coordinator; Deepak Raj, IYCS; Adrian Periera,
IMCS; Necta Montes Rocas, WSCF AP; Cristina Dalope, APA YMCA;
Neriza Llena, EASYNet Moderator/YWCA; Raxy Richard Gomez, IMCS)

January 23-25, 2010
Manila, Philippines

The Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Student and Youth Network (EASYNet) Regional Coordinating Team (NCT) had its annual meeting last January 23 to 25, 2010 at the YMCA National Office in Manila, Philippines. The meeting was attended by Ms. Cristina Dalope from Asia Alliance of YMCA, Mr. Adrian Periera and Mr. Raxy Richard Gomes from the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS), Mr. Deepak Raj from the International Young Christian Students (IYS), Ms. Neriza Llena and Ms. Maria Galvelo from the World Young Women Christian Association (WYMCA), Ms. Necta Montes Rocas from WSCF Asia-Pacific and Ms. Cristina Miranda, Regional Coordinator of EASYNet.

Highlights of the meeting included the appointment Ms. Neriza Llena of World YWCA as the Moderator of EAYSNET for the year 2010, evaluation of the National Coordinators Training (NCT) in Malaysia last July 2009, and planning for the EASYNet Creative Workshop in June 2010 in Chennai, India and the EASYNet Youth Week Celebration in October 2010. In its evaluation of EASYNet work in 2009, the team expressed concern of CCA’s role as Moderator for 2009 in pursuing the plans and encouraging member movements to actively participate in the life of EASYNet.

The NCT also reviewed the EASYNet Terms of Reference and Constitution and made some changes and recommendations, specifically adding provisions on criteria for membership in the network. The team likewise suggested an evaluation design and plans for the 10-year anniversary celebration of EASYNet’s in January 2011. After the meeting, the NCT members joined the thanksgiving fellowship at the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) compound in Quezon City for Adrian Periera, who completed his term as IMCS Regional Coordinator and EASYNet Moderator for 2009.