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Regional Programme

EASYNet Regional Coordinating Team
Meeting in Manila focused
on NET Building and Strengthening

EASYNet Coordinating Team 2009January 11 to 15, 2009

The EASYNet Coordinating Team (CT) held its regular meeting in January 11 to 15, 2009 at the YMCA Philippines Headquarters, Intramuros, Metro Manila, Philippines. The CT Meeting was attended by Necta Montes Rocas, EASYNet Moderator for 2008 (WSCF AP); Cristina Dalope (APA YMCA); Adrian Periera and Raxy Richard Gomez (IMCS AP); Bonny Palma (IYCS AP); and Neriza Llarena (YWCA Philippines) and Glenda Rocas-Callanta, ASYG 2008 Coordinator.

The CT evaluated the work of EASYNet in 2008, including the holding of the Asian Student and Youth Gathering (ASYG), the situation of the National Ecumenical Teams (NETs), and conducted a SWOT analysis on the CT Leadership and its organizational mechanism. Over-all, the group acknowledge the strength of the regional team work and cooperation, but noted the decline in the activities of the NETs in some countries in the region. Through this evaluation, EASYNet’s goal for 2009-2010 is to focus its efforts in building-up and strengthening the NETs in the coming two years.

Following this evaluation, plans for the EASYNet National Coordinators Training in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia on June 23 to 28, 2009 were geared towards the achievement of this goal. Furthermore, the Training aims to train the national coordinators on ecumenism, create a space for the coordinators to share their national and grassroots levels challenges with the other national coordinators from different countries of Asia, and to evaluate and develop action plans for the NETs.

Other highlights of the meeting were the short-listing and interview of applicants for EASYNet Regional Coordinator, organizational sharing of plans, approval of the budget for 2009-2010 and appointment of Adam Row from CCA as 2009 EASYNet Moderator. The CT thanked WSCF and Necta, out-going Moderator for her work and commitment to EASYNet in 2008.