World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

Writing Workshop

April 10-15, 2005

The writing workshop was held at Chungjiky Church in Korea from 10-15 April 2005 and was warmly hosted by the EASYNet-Korea. All local expenses were generously covered by EASYNet-Korea. The workshop includes 10 participants from YMCA-Philippines, YMCA-Korea, YWCA-Korea, NCC-Australia, SCM-Taiwan, SCM-Sri Lanka, HK-FCS, APA-YMCA, EASYNet Coordinator, Overall Facilitator, and a CT member.

The objectives of the writing workshop are:

The programme included worships, storytelling of current educational system in each country representative, inputs on Foundations of Ecumenism, Ecumenical Networking and Cooperation, Preparing and Writing Liturgy and Worship, WTO and Education, Globalisation and Education, collective and individual creative reflections.

The evaluation from the 2 participants of WSCF AP was positive with particular preference to the creative workshops and the input on ecumenism, these helped them to have a clearer perspective of EASYNet in the national and regional contexts.