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Creative Writing Workshop 2003

Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Students and Youth Network (EASYNet) will organize a Creative Writing Workshop in Taiwan hosted by Taiwan Ecumenical Students and Youth network (TESY Net). This programme would be a preparatory one for Asia-Pacific Students and Youth Week for 2003. This APSYW is a common celebration for all EASYNet member organizations to get together, knowing each other and sharing concern in many creative ways. This year theme is “Blessed are the Peacemakers: Building Peace Among Students and Youth Towards Human Security”. Following last year, we still need to concern on peace, especially humane security not National security. We seek to weave our prayer in our solidarity with students and Youth in Asia-Pacific and express with our creativities. From WSCF AP, we welcome Paddy Noble, a senior friend from SCM-Aotearoa to be one of the participants. We will produce a resource booklet as common Hymn and prayer book for 2003 from workshop works. For booklet, please contact with your National Movement or EASYNet coordinating office. Let us celebrate together with your ecumenical friends in Asia-Pacific.

EASYNet office: easynet[at]

Coordinator: Masao Koide (Japan SCM Senior friend)