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13th CCA General Assembly

Pre-Assembly Youth Forum

Immanuel Kitnan, second from the right, with participants of the CCA Youth Forum
Immanuel Kitnan, second from the right, with participants
of the CCA Youth Forum

April 10-13, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Pre Assembly Youth Forum of 13th General Assembly of the Christian Conference of Asia held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 10th-13th April 2010. Diverse and dynamic young people from different countries, churches, national councils, and Christian Youth Organizations from 19 countries of Asia and the Pacific participated at this Youth Forum.

The participants of the Youth Forum reclaimed their role as bearers of hope and their calling to take on the challenge in the renewal of the Church and society. Describing his experience in the Youth Forum, Immanuel Kitnan, WSCF AP ExCo said that, “as a person molded in the SCM, I was deeply challenged to work with institutionalized hierarchical of the church structure and motivated to go beyond these barriers with stronger commitment & concern towards the society as sisters and brothers, which I saw among the young people who participated in the conference.”

The Youth Statement presented at the preceding CCA General Assembly, reflected the strong intention of the young people to assert their voices in the CCA and its member churches to make youth work a priority of CCA and its member councils and churches. In particular, they recommended that the CCA Youth Secretary’s position be immediately filled, to increase the budget allocation for youth programs and explore possibilities for the Youth Committee and Women’s Committee to be separated, which are now jointly organizing meetings under the Ecumenical Formation for Gender and Youth (EGY) of CCA.

The Youth Statement outlined the prophetic voice of the youth, “We as youth realized our prophetic role and being a part of an active Ecumenical Youth Movement, we believe that we are the voice that speaks on behalf of the muffled voice of young people all over Asia. We identified ourselves with those who are ‘sinned against’: the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed and those of our brothers and sisters that are suffering because of the lack of peace, Poverty, Environment Degradation, Human Rights Violations, Unfair Education, Health, Discrimination and Terrorism. Furthermore, we were in acceptance of our own flaws and limitations stemming from our inaction and apathy as those who sin against the marginalized.”