World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Regional Programme

CCA-WSCF Program (CWP)
Joint Committee Meeting 2009

Bangkok, Thailand

The Christian Conference of Asia and WSCF AP Joint Committee met at the Bangkok Christian Guest House before the Standing Committee. The Meeting was attended by Necta, Yin Yin, Immanuel from WSCF and Adam Row from CCA. Necta shared a brief background of CWP, which started in 1966 between East Asian Conference of Churches (EACC) and WSCF with a covenant. The covenant reiterated that WSCF is considered the arm of the Churches in the campus and universities.

In 1983, CCA and WSCF re‐affirmed the covenant and organized several regional consultations participated by leaders of the Churches and WSCF. In 1995, CWP changed the strategy to do more work or consultation in the national level between the SCMs and Churches. Since then, almost all the countries in Asia-Pacific where CCA member churches and SCM exist, a national consultation was held. In 2001, CCA and WSCF jointly organized the SELF Program. In the sharing of organization, Adam shared that the youth bodies of the NCCs and member churches are currently weak and there is a need to cooperate to strengthen the ecumenical youth movements in the national level.

The following plans and recommendations were made by the CWP: