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Regional Programme
CCA WSCF Joint Program Committee Meeting

CCA and WSCF AP Reaffirm Commitment
to Campus Student Ministry

Focusing on Higher Education
and Inter-Faith Dialogue in 2006 and 2007

WSCF AP Joint Committee
WSCF AP Joint Committee. from L-R: Roger Gaikwad;
Necta Montes Rocas; Chung Chi, CCA; Yue Wen, CCA;
Nina Nayoan; Lesley Capus, CCA

November 25-26, 2005
Shatin in Hong Kong

The CCA and WSCF Asia-Pacific Joint Committee met last November 25 to 26, 2005 at the CCA Centre, Shatin in Hong Kong. The meeting was attended by six representatives from the two organizations, they were: Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, chairperson of WSCF AP; Ms. Nina Nayoan, ExCo member of WSCF; Ms. Necta Montes Rocas, Regional Secretary of WSCF AP; Ms. Chung Chih, incoming youth secretary of CCA; Ms. Lu Yeuh Wen, Youth President of CCA; and Mr. Lesly Capus, NCCP Youth Coordinator.

The Joint Committee meeting was organized with the following objectives: to reconstitute the members of the CCA WSCF Program (CWP) Joint Committee and provide orientation by reviewing the role of the Committee and the history of the CCA WSCF Joint Program; to review the evaluation conducted in 2003 by the Joint functions considering that all the members of this Joint Committee are new. Based on the joint statement agreed upon during the CCA WSCF Joint Consultation held in Hong Kong in 2003, Committee on the activities on the CWP, and identify its strengths and weaknesses; to identify the situation and current needs for Ecumenical Student Ministry work in Asia and the Pacific; to revisit and discuss the common vision of CCA and WSCF AP for student and youth ministry in Asia-Pacific; to identify the goals of the CWP and plan for concrete project and activities for the period 2006-2007.

At the first day of the meeting, the participants immediately clarified and identified its roles and the role of the Committee is "to ensure the implementation and monitoring of suggested action plans in this Consultation (2003)". With this mandate, the Committee clarified and further added the following roles and functions to ensure that this role is properly carried out. These are; to bridge the difference in the understanding of the ecumenical movement and its varied expressions in the constituencies of each organization; to provide opportunity and space to link the constituencies of each organization; to recommend joint activities and plans to each organization; to plan and ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the joint activities; to evaluate the role and performance of the committee. The Committee also agreed that the Joint meetings should be held at least once a year or in conjuncture with any joint activity. They also affirmed the importance of inviting a representative from each organization to attend as an observer in the organizational meetings of each group such as the Regional Committee Meeting of the WSCF AP in July 2006, and the CCA Youth Secretaries Meeting in March 2006. The presence of the representative will enhance the partnership by being aware of the realities, priorities and concern, limitations, as well as the dynamics of each organization.

As a follow-through of the plans made during the Consultation in 2003, the Committee reviewed the recommended short, medium and long terms plans. Although some of the short term activities were implemented, it was observed that there was minimal attention given to more strategic activities that would have meaningful impact to the members and constituents of each organization. Hence, the Committee focused its energy in planning joint activities that will directly respond to the needs of the Churches and the SCMs in the national level, and will have a strategic impact on the long term vision and mission of the CCA and WSCF Joint Partnership.

The following are the concrete programs and recommendations that will be jointly implemented by CCA and WSCF in the next two years, from 2006 to 2007. These activities shall take into account the thematic focus on Higher Education and Interfaith Dialogue, which were earlier identified by each organization during their respective planning sessions.

The first joint project in 2006 will be a Baseline Research Project on the Churches Campus Student Ministry in Asia-Pacific which will conducted by a CCA intern from October 2005 to June 2007. This Research Project will provide the necessary information on the situation and the needs of Campus Student Ministry, and hopefully, assist the Joint Committee in identifying appropriate strategies in providing support to the Churches and SCMs in Campus Ministry work. The National Consultations between the Churches and the SCMs will continue in the countries of Australia, Thailand in 2006, and Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Timor Leste in 2007. The national planning committees will be encouraged to focus these activities on the theme" The Challenge of Campus Student Ministry in the Context of Pluralistic World". The Committee also affirmed an earlier recommendation for a Joint CCA and WSCF Youth Secretaries and Coordinators Meeting in mid-2007, focusing on Interfaith Dialogue. Lastly, the School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) in October 2007 will once again be a joint undertaking between the two organizations.