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CCA-WSCF Joint Consultation in Sri-Lanka

June 26 to 28, 2004
Colombo, Sri Lanka

The National Christian Council and Student Christian Movement of Sri Lanka held a CCA-WSCF Joint Consultation to deepen the partnership of the two bodies for ecumenical student ministry. This Joint Consultation was held on 26-28 June 2004 in Colombo and was participated by church leaders, university chaplains and SCM leaders. Mr. Rakesh P. Dass represented the CCA-WSCF Joint Committee.

On the first day Dr. Colvin Amriyarathne made a valuable presentation on “The Present Needs, Concerns & Problems of Students”. In his presentation, he highlighted the following:

Rev. Lasantha De Abrew conducted a lecture concerning the contemporary problems of the student community. He highlighted the extremely competitive environment in the universities which impeded creative thinking and increased the stress levels among students. He told SCM leaders, “there is a special role for Christian students to facilitate a better dialogue among the student community with a view to achieving unity in diversity through a pluralistic approach.” He also emphasized that SCM should have a good understanding on the social values system.

The final input was presented by Rev. Duleep Fernando to strategise on the mission of the church among the university communities. He emphasized the need to properly guide student ministry in the campuses:

After all inputs and workshops, the participants came up with the following action plans for the future: