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CCA-WSCF Joint Consultation in Bangladesh

April 12 to 14, 2002

The consultation was jointly organised by the National Council of Churches (NCC) and SCM Bangladesh from 12 to 14 April 2002. Around 30 students, faculty members, pastors and churches leaders participated in the consultation. Rev. Shin, Regional Secretary of the WSCF AP, represented the CCA-WSCF Joint Committee.

During the first session on the inter-denominational relationship, the resource person Mr Augustine Dipok Karmaker, emphasised on the need to train qualified young ecumenical leaders. He also suggested that the ecumenical organisations should be sincerely involved in the inter-denominational dialogues in order to search for a unity in diversity.

The second session was on “Student Ministry in the Asia-Pacific Region – the Challenges, Visions and Hopes”. Rev. Shin spoke on the ecumenical agendas of the churches and the general situation of student ministry in the region. He stressed on the educational issues affected by globalisation.

The third session began with the deliberations of Rev. Martin Adhikary. He pointed out, even though our motto is to unite the people around us with the love of God under the three objectives of the church: Koinonia, Marturia and Diakonia, we must have the humility to learn from each other.

After the sessions, the participants shared their views in small groups and made the following recommendations to the churches, the NCC and SCM in Bangladesh: