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Regional Programme
World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)

2011 Proposed Program and Activities


EASYNET Coordinating Team (CT) Meeting

3rd week of February, Hong Kong

The EASYNET Annual Coordinating (CT) Team Meeting is a planning and coordinating meeting composed of representatives of the six member organization of EASYNET, namely, Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCA, YWCA, WSCF AP, CCA, IMCS and IYCS. The CT will meet to evaluate the work of EASYNET in 2010, the status of the National Ecumenical Teams (NETs), review the work of the Regional Coordinator and discuss the possibility of extending or hiring a new Coordinator, and plan for the joint programs of the seven member organizations for 2011 and the 10th year Founding Anniversary of EASYNET. The meeting will also be an opportunity to share the plans and situation of each member organization and foster greater ecumenical cooperation among the 6 organizations and turn-over of EASYNET Moderator position to another organization. The WSCF Regional Secretary will attend this meeting representing WSCF AP.

WSCF AP Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) Meeting

February 3-6, 2011, Hong Kong

The Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) is the decision making body of the Regional Women’s Programme of the WSCF AP. The women members of this committee are officially elected by the Regional Committee Meeting for the biennium 2010-2012 to represent the sub regions. Six women members from South Asia, South East Asia, North East Asia and Pacific, including the regional women’s coordinator of the WSCF AP will be meeting on the above mentioned dates. The objectives of the RWC are:

  • Evaluate the program and the work being done by a critical analysis and sharing on women’s issues and reporting on the women’s programmes in sub regions
  • Concrete plans for the Regional Women’s Program in the new quadrennium;
  • Implement concrete plans;
  • coordinate development on women’s work from the regional level to the national movements and to the sub-regions they represent by helping to carry out women’s program at these levels;
  • Review the process and facilitate the implementation of decisions concerning women made by the Regional Committee by :
  • drawing up specific plans for program implementation,
  • dividing areas of work among members of the Regional Women’s Committee, making recommendations concerning women for action of the Regional Committee;
  • Discussion and planning on Budget and fund raising for the next quadrennium

WSCF Asia Pacific Regional Secretary Search Committee Meeting
and Standing Committee Meetings

February 7-11, 2010, WSCF AP Regional Office, Hong Kong

The WSCF AP Regional Secretary Search Committee is composed on 8 people from the Standing Committee, representative from the WSCF Global officers and a senior friend. They are: Yustin Pasaribu (WSCF AP Chairperson), Phan Dada (WSCF AP vice-chairperson), Immanuel Gopala Kitnan (Exco), Bronwyn Crowe (Exco), Fanny Lam and Gayeon Lee (member-at-large), Ms. Janejinda Pawadee (WSCF Vice-chair), and Dr. Wong Wai Ching (WSCF Senior Friend). The Committee commenced its work in December 2011 and is responsible for the search process of the WSCF AP Regional Secretary. In this meeting, the Committee members will meet to prepare for the interview of the short-listed candidates and deliberate the results of the interviews.

The WSCF Standing Committee (SC) is the Executive Committee of WSCF AP region, it is the highest policy-making body of WSCF AP, when the Regional Committee is not in session. This meeting is the regular biennial meeting of the officers and staff of the region composed of the chairperson, vice-chair, 2 Excos, member-at-large and regional staff to review the mandate of the Regional Committee (RC), discuss biennial plans, review the existing policies of the region, approve the budget of the region, evaluate the over-all health of the national movements and review the vision of the Federation. This meeting will also evaluate the work and performance of the Regional Women’s Coordinator in the last biennium before a recommendation of extension and discuss the report of the WSCF AP Regional Secretary Search Committee. If you have some concerns that you want to be discussed by the Committee, please feel free to send in your ideas and suggestions to the regional office.

Regional Women’s Programme – SCM SL Joint Women’s Programme

Women Doing Theology workshop (WDT)
February 23-28, 2011 at Bonavista Galle, Sri Lanka

This WDT workshop is a Joint Women’s Programme (JWP) planned to organize in the national level for the SCM women in Sri Lanka. Around 15-20 young SCM women from SCM Sri Lanka will participate in the said workshop. The 5 days workshop will focus on the theme “Feminist Critical Analysis through Re reading the Bible from Feminist Perspectives”. Objectives of the Workshop are:

  • To provide a common platform to the young women from the SCM Sri Laka to share experiences, to understand the issues/ realities of VAW especially in the context of Sri Lanka and respond them with critical analysis
  • To understand the need of doing Feminist Theology and to develop skills /guide line/ framework to re read the Bible together as young women centered on the focus/theme from feminist perspectives
  • To come up with a guide book for the National Movements to encourage and enable the young women and men to promote “Doing Feminist Theology” in the SCM Sri Lanka and other national movements.

WSCF Global Staff and Officer Meeting

March 2011, Geneva (dates to be finalized)

The Annual WSCF Staff and Officers Meeting is attended by the 6 WSCF Regional Secretaries, the IRO Executive Staff and the global officers of the WSCF. The Meeting provides opportunity for the WSCF Executive Staff and Officers to share and discuss matters related to the daily work of the Federation, share reflections and evaluation of staff work and fine tune some of the difficulties in the operational work the Staff Team. Following the WSCF Executive Committee Meeting in Lebanon in November 2010, this year’s Staff and Officers Meeting will focus its work on the WSCF Strategic Plan, Global Fund-raising strategy, Global Advocacy Work and preparations for the WSCF General Assembly and the mandates of the Executive Committee.

Regional Women’s Program-Student YMCA
and SCM Japan Joint Miriam Program

March 6-8, 2011, Tokyo, Japan
Theme: Critical Feminist Analysis: Going beyond Gender Analysis

This workshop is a Joint Women’s Programme (JWP) with the SCM Japan Miriam programme planned for the Student YMCA and SCM Japan members. This workshop would mainly focus on the issues of Violence against women, with a critical analysis of looking gender for the purpose of going beyond gender analysis. Around 15 young SCM women and men from Student YMCA and SCM Japan will participate in the said workshop. Objectives of the Workshop are:

  • To create a place for young women and men to know each other, share experiences of being a woman and man in the society
  • To understand the history and significance of the regional and national women’s programmes-challenges and hopes
  • To understand the issues of VAW with a critical analysis of going beyond gender analysis
  • To re read the Bible for feminist perspectives

International Women’s Day Celebration

March 8, 2010, Regional and Global

The month of March is dedicated for the women as we commemorate the struggle of the courageous women who fought for equality, justice, peace and development. They have paved the way for us to continue our journey for women’s emancipation. This year once again we would invite the national movements to participate and celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) in the National Movements with various activities. The members of the Regional Women’s Committee of WSCF AP would come up with a liturgical material to observe the event.

113th Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS)
on Decade to Overcome Violence

March 22, 2011, Global Federation

The 113th Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS) will be celebrated on March 22nd. The ExCo decided to join the Universal Day of Prayer for Students this year with an awareness-raising campaign for water justice. The 2011 yearly theme is ‘Overcoming Violence’, so it fits easily to continue working on violence related to the environment in addition to other forms of violence. Again, the celebration of the UDPS this year will be on March 22, 2011 instead of our regular February date, and we will propose that students all around the Federation engage in a common action for water justice. (Notes from the WSCF Global Advocacy Committee)

EASYNET Writers Workshop

June (venue and date to be finalized by the EASYNET Coordinating Team)

The EASYNET Writers Workshop is a joint program by the seven member organization of EASYNET. It aims to gather 15 creative young artist, writers, song writes, budding poets, web designer, visual artists, from the member organization for one-week Creative Writes Workshop to produce ecumenical materials that will be used for the EASYNET Youth Week Celebration in October. The Workshop is an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and concerns for topics and issues affecting their lives in creative ways. These materials are used by the member organizations in their advocacy work as well. We invite SCM members who can contribute their time and talent to send in their application.

WSCF Asia Pacific Human Rights Defenders Trainers Training

Proposed date and venue: October, Japan
Theme: US Military Bases, Militarization and Human Rights

The HRD Trainers Training is for a selected group of Young SCM Senior Friends who have participated in WSCF HR Regional Programs and HR Internships. The Training aims to develop a pool of resource persons on Human Rights and Justice and Peace issues that will provide support and training to the National SCMs in their national level programs. The Training hopes to develop a network of resource people in the Asia Pacific region with specific knowledge and skills in working with Christian young people and with theological perspective. It aims to promote and use the best practices in HRD work and advocacy among student and youth groups. A module will be developed specifically for this Trainers Training by a team of people who will be resource people and facilitators of the Training.

The WSCF Regional Committee proposed that a specific theme of “US Military Bases, Militarization and Human Rights” be adopted for the HRD Trainers Training. It aims to provide participants with the knowledge of the current debates and issues on the theme as it relates to Human Rights, develop a Human Rights campaign strategy for the theme, provide the participants with human rights framework of analysis by looking at the varied aspects of human rights issues from different perspective (i.e. gender perspective) and plan for the formation of Human Rights Desks in some countries. At the end of the workshop, the participants would have become equipped with the necessary skills as Human Rights Defenders and Advocates. The workshop will be attended by 25 students from all over Asia Pacific and will be conducted in seven-days.

The Human Rights Projects aims to accomplish the following objectives and targets:

  • To develop a pool of resource persons and HR Defenders trainers that will assist the work of the SCMs and WSCF Asia Pacific on Human Rights, Justice and Peace work.
  • To develop analysis and understanding on the theme of US Bases, Militarization and Human Rights especially in the Northeast sub-region.
  • Work for human rights and peace issues in Asia Pacific countries and gather support in campaigning these issues in the SCMs and churches in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Acquire and develop skills in the human rights and peace works from the SCMs, church groups, Non Government Organization(NGO) and Peace Organization(PO) in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Encourage to establish a Human Rights Support Group human rights desk in the SCMs

School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) 2011

Proposed date and venue: to be finalized by the Standing Committee

The SELF is a response to what was seen as a gap in the development of ecumenical leadership formation. It hopes to re-examine the causes of weakening and re-develop the scope of ecumenical leadership. As bi-annual leadership development project, the SELF targets frontline leaders of the SCM such as staff and officers aged between 22 to 35. SELF is an intensive 3-weeks program and an effective venue to train young ecumenist working closely with young people in the different parts of Asia and the Pacific. To date, we have trained more than 100 young leaders through the SELF Program, many of them are now actively working in their local churches, ecumenical institutions, NGOs and national movements and engaged in various ministries and programs. WSCF is confident that through the SELF program, we were able to contribute young leaders who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and principles in working with people of other faith and the vision of the ecumenical movement.

Generally, SELF seeks to enable participants to:

  • Sharpen their awareness and analysis of the social, political and economic setting of the world in the context of Asian Pacific societies and challenge to the churches through sharing of experiences, exposure, studies and reflections.
  • Articulate the biblical and theological perspectives on the global burning issues such as globalization, militarization/war on terror, justice, peace, ecology, feminism, etc.
  • Trace the history of ecumenical movement in the national, regional and global levels, identifying convergence, challenges and possibilities.
  • Search alternative approach to communicate and advocate ecumenical witness among students and youth in the concrete life of the peoples.
  • Strengthen each other in their ecumenical journey and aspiration.
  • Develop leadership skills, movement organizing skills and approaches to work with students and young people.

SCM Coordinators and General Secretaries Meeting and Training

Date and venue: to be finalized by the Standing Committee

The SCM and General Secretaries Meeting is not decision-making body of the WSCF AP, neither it is a program or a regular body that is mandated to function separately from the decision making structures of the WSCF AP. The recommendations and suggestions arising from these meetings are highly valued but are not mandatory and binding. This space or venue was created in aide of decision making processes for the national movements and the region. It was created to ensure that decisions taken by the Regional Committee, Standing Committee and Regional Women’s Committee were adequately informed by the staff. It is in this same spirit that the next SCM General Secretaries and Coordinators meeting is being organized with the following objectives:


  1. Draw lessons and learn from the experiences, successes, strengths and areas of improvement of the work of the national movements in the last three years; Identify effective strategies and direction for WSCF AP’s movement building work.
  2. Identify the critical issues, concerns and themes relevant to the students and youth today, and recommend strategies and actions for program planning at the national, regional and global levels;
  3. Create venue for the general secretaries and coordinators to share their experience in general staff work, leadership, management, project and activities implementations and identify areas of cooperation and skills enhancement for father development.

EASYNET Youth Week Celebration

3rd week of October

Every year, the EASYNET member organization commits itself to celebrating the “Youth Week” which aims to bring the young people of EASYNet member movement and partner organizations to come together to reflect on issues affecting the lives of young people and to discern its Christian praxis. It is also a time to collectively celebrate our youthful journey, blessings and solidarity. In recent decades, EASYNet Week is more popularly known as Asia Youth Week (AYW) Celebration among CCA Youth (NCC Youth). However after ASYG 2000, CCA felt that AYW should be more “ecumenically” celebrated thus in 2001, the CCA and NCC youth have actively enjoined partner movements to join in the AYW celebration. In 2002, CCA officially turned over to EASYNet the initiatives of celebrating the Youth Week. In the last 5 years, EASYNet week is known as Asia Pacific Students and Youth Week (APSYW). This year we are launching the EASYNet Week this in the context of actively promoting the network among its member movement from the national leadership to its grassroots membership. The EASYNet Week can also be a venue for localized/grassroots celebration of “National Students and Youth Gathering.”

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

November 25 - December 10, Regional and Global

This is an international campaign starting on November 25, International Day against Violence against Women and will close on December 10, International Human Rights Day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. The RWC members will come up with a guide line for different activities to observe these significant days with the national movements.

“PRAXIS,” WSCF AP’s Official Publication

April, August, December

In the advent of electronic media, we continue to publish PRAXIS in printed form and electronic form to reach a wider number of audience taking into consideration that a significant number of young people, especially in Asia, cannot easily access Information, Communication Technology (ICT) tools. PRAXIS is a communication tool for the WSCF and the SCM to express their views, reflections on issues and topics concerning their context. It is also a space to know about the work of the SCMs and WSCF and stay in touch with global Ecumenical Movement. Once again, we encourage the SCMs to contribute articles, news, photos, essays, poems, artwork to PRAXIS. We hope to receive these contributions one month before scheduled publication of PRAXIS.

WSCF AP Regional Women Doing Theology (WDT)

September 24-30, 2011, venue will be confirmed in the RWC

Women Doing Theology (WDT) is one of the most significant and distinctive programmes of the Regional Women’s Programme (RWP) of WSCF AP. This year this workshop will be ogranised in the regional level. Around 20 young women from SCMs in Asia and the Pacific will come together, to share life stories, commonalities, and challenges, then reflect, articulate and critically analyze their experiences as women in their own context. This workshop would mainly focus to critically analyse and challenge the androcentric-mainstream-theology and promote doing theology from the feminist perspectives which are empowering and liberating.