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World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)

2010 Program and Activities


EASYNet Coordinating Team (CT) Meeting

January 23 to 26
Manila, Philippines

The EASYNet Annual Coordinating (CT) Team Meeting is composed of representatives of the six member organization of EASYNet, namely, APA YMCA, YWCA, WSCF AP, CCA, IMCS and IYCS. The CT will meet to evaluate the work of EASYNet in 2009, the status of the National Ecumenical Teams (NETs), and plan for the joint programs such as the EASYNet Writer’s Workshop in June and EASYNet Youth Week in October. The meeting will also be an opportunity to share the plans and situation of each member organization and foster greater ecumenical cooperation among the 6 organizations and turn-over of EASYNet Moderator position to another organization. The WSCF Regional Secretary will attend this meeting.

WSCF Global Staff/Officer and Executive Committee Meeting

February or March (dates to be finalized)

The WSCF Global Staff Meeting will meet just before the Executive Meeting takes place. The Annual Staff Meeting is attended by the 6 WSCF Regional Secretaries, the IRO Executive Staff and officers of the WSCF. The Meeting provides opportunity for the WSCF Executive Staff and Officers to share and discuss matters related to the daily work of the Federation, share reflections and evaluation of staff work and fine tune some of the difficulties in the operational work the Staff Team. Immediately after the Staff Meeting, the Executive Committee, WSCF’s highest policy making body after the GA, will have its first official session after the General Assembly. The main agenda for the Exco Meeting are WSCF Strategic Plan, official business of WSCF, Search Process for the General Secretary, follow-up of mandates from the GA. Attending these meetings are WSCF Regional Secretary, two Asia Pacific Exco Members, Immanuel Kintan and Bronwyn Crowe or designated proxies.

Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS) on Climate Justice

21 February

The 112th Universal Day of Prayer for Students will be celebrated on February 21st. The theme of the 2010 UDPS is the Federation's theme for this year – 'Climate Justice'. This year’s materials (Bible Study Guide, Liturgy, Introduction) have been prepared by Rev. Ejike Okoro (Nigeria), on behalf of the Africa region. These materials can be downloaded from the WSCF IRO website: and WSCF AP website: The WSCF Inter-regional office requests the national movements to write reports and take photos of your celebration and send them to wscf[at]

We also request in your commemoration of the UDPS to pray for the people of Haiti, our SCM friends, churches, ecumenical family in Haiti. We are also requesting if it’s possible for you to make a special offering collected from your worship celebration to be sent to WSCF Latin America Region (LAC) to support the rehabilitation and relief work in Haiti. For further details and information, please contact the regional office.

International Women’s Day Celebration

March 8
Regional and Global

The month of March is dedicated for the women as we commemorate the struggle of the courageous women who fought for equality, justice, peace and development. They have paved the way for us to continue our journey for women’s emancipation. This year once again we would invite the national movements to participate and celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD) in the National Movements with various activities. The members of the Regional Women’s Committee of WSCF AP would come up with a liturgical material to observe the event.

CCA Pre-Assembly Youth Forum

April 10 to 13

Prior to the CCA Assembly, a Youth Forum is being planned to gather the youth delegates and participant to the Assembly. The Youth Forum is a space for young people to gather together, share their concern and promote youth participation in the Ecumenical Movement in Asia Pacific. WSCF AP will send some participants to the Youth Forum as soon as the invitation and registration form have been sent to us from CCA. You can also check the CCA website for updates and details, If one of your SCM member has been selected by his/her church to be an official delegate or steward to this event, kindly inform the regional office, so we can put them in touch with the other SCMers who will be participating in the Youth Forum.

CCA 13th General Assembly: “Called to Prophesy, Reconcile and Heal”

April 14 to 21
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As the main regional ecumenical platform of churches and ecumenical agencies in the Asia Pacific region, the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) General Assembly is an important event in the life of the churches and Ecumenical Movement in this region. The GA will gather together 450 delegates from its member churches, councils, ecumenical partners and friends of CCA. With the theme, “Called to Prophesy, Reconcile and Heal,” the Assembly, aside from its official business function, is an opportunity to listen the report of the 50 years review of the life of CCA, forum and workshops on emerging issues and to learn about the vision and direction of the Ecumenical Movement in Asia. As part of the Ecumenical Movement in AP, WSCF will participate in the GA as an official partner of CCA. We also expect some of our student members, senior friends to be part of churches and council delegation in the GA. The Regional Staff and some members of the Standing Committee will participate in the CCA GA to represent WSCF. For further information about the CCA Assembly, you can visit this website:

WSCF Senior Friends Gathering and Launch of Network of Student Christian Movement Senior Friends in the Asia Pacific Region (NESCAP)

April 19
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In anticipation of the participation of SCM senior friends and student members in the up-coming CCA Assembly, a WSCF Gathering is being planned. The Gathering aims to gather about 50 participants to launch the NESCAP or the Network of SCM Senior Friends in Asia Pacific Region, a proposed platform for the SCM Senior Friends who are actively supporting the work of the SCMs and WSCF. The Gathering aims to make national SCMs more aware of the importance and potential of the senior friends and to reconnect with them for the life and mission of the SCMs; to encourage national SCMs to locate and identify senior friends and to bring them together from time to time for sharing issues and concerns; to create a network of national SCM senior friends; and to encourage national SCMs to have programs for senior friends on a regular basis. A Preparatory Committee has been formed composed of WSCF Regional Staff, Philip Matthew, Yong Ting Jin, Herman Shashtri and Philip Thomas.

AWRC Coordinating Team (CT) Meeting

May 16 to 21
Yogkakarta, Indonesia

The Coordinating Team (CT) of the AWRC is the policy/decision making body of the organization, and is responsible for coordinating, oversight of the affairs of the organization, planning, and appointing any necessary committees. The WSCF AP and AWRC have a historical significance of working together. The Regional Women’s Coordinator of WSCF AP region is co-opted as voting member of the CT. This year the CTM meeting will take place in Indonesia, in May 16-21, and this meeting will be attended by the Regional Women’s Coordinator, WSCF AP.

WSCF AP and SCM Joint Women’s Program

There will be four Joint Women’s Programs in the year 2010. The proposed SCM National Movements are: SCM Thailand (May), SCM Myanmar (August), SCM Sri Lanka (July), SCM India (October). Each Program will run for 5 days and will be participated in by 25 to 30 both women and men from the SCM national movements, based on the national movement’s priority. We invite the above mentioned SCMs to send a program proposal with the guidelines below to the Regional Women’s Coordinator.

The RWP SCM Joint Women’s Programme will be on Women Doing Theology (WDT) in the national level. This WDT aims at addressing women’s concerns and issues directly at the local and national level where the real needs of many SCM women are. The SCMs could take the opportunity to initiate and direct the themes that are appropriate in their own context, while also taking an active role in planning, strategizing and co-organising the programme with the Regional Women’s Committee (RWC).

The objectives are :

  1. To equally sharing of programme ownership between the Regional Women’s Committee and the young women in the jSCMs;
  2. To continue the formation and development of women leaders and ensure women leadership and participation in all levels and aspects of SCM work: from analysis generation and conceptualisation, to decision-making, implementation & evaluation.
  3. More participation of young women from the local units of the SCMs to the women’s programmes thus exposing them to the spirit and works of WSCF as well as the ecumenical movements;
  4. Contextualising women’/gender issues and realities in each women’s programme hence enabling the SCMs to work on the issues that they feel closely with.

EASYNet Writers Workshop

(venue and date to be finalized)
Deadline of Application: April 30

The EASYNet Writers Workshop is a joint program six member organization of EASYNet. It aims to gather 15 creative young artist, writers, song writes, budding poets, web designer, visual artists, from the member organization for one-week Creative Writes Workshop to produce ecumenical materials that will be used for the EASYNet Youth Week Celebration in October. The Workshop is an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and concerns for topics and issues affecting their lives in creative ways. These materials are used by the member organizations in their advocacy work as well. We invite SCM members who can contribute their time and talent to send in their application.

Human Rights Justice and Peace (HRJP)
Workshop on Indigenous Human Rights

June 17 to 23
Alice Spring, NT, Australia
Deadline of Application: March 30

The HR Workshop will be hosted by Australia SCM. We hope to gather between 35 participants, with 10 coming from SCMs in the other Asia Pacific countries and majority from Australia SCM. The workshop is organized in two parts, the first part focuses on Indigenous Human Rights, and the second in Climate Change and its effect on people. The first part will identify what indigenous human rights are and why Christians should be involved, particularly in the area of education and advocacy. It will then look at the context of Australia, looking at the history and contemporary situation in relation to Indigenous Human Rights, this will be done in the format of story-telling and listening. Participants will identify how these stories resonate with their own context and identify what HR abuses are occurring. The workshop will provide education on the issues facing indigenous Australians and advocacy tools for participants to utilise in returning home. The workshop will be structured around prayer and worship. It will be an important element of the workshop for participants to learn about Indigenous Australian culture and belief systems.

The second half of the workshop will focus on climate change and the devastating effects it is having on human rights in the Pacific. Climate change has a significant impact on the rights of indigenous people in the Pacific, already many people have been displaced and lost homes and livelihoods because of climate change. If climate change is not acted upon this displacement will continue and worsen. The workshop will give a brief introduction to the science and politics of climate change. It will then address the human rights issues that climate change poses, such as those that stem from loss of land/shelter, inability to produce food or continue livelihoods and the destruction of natural ecosystems (which support communities).

WSCF AP Regional Committee Pre-Women’s Meeting

3rd week of July
Indonesia (tentative)

The Women’s Pre-Meeting will be a vital place for the women leaders from the national movements who have contributed to the RWP for the last two years in different capacities and the newly nominated women members from the national movements. This meeting will be a place for the young women not only to celebrate our achievements but also to share their concerns/ experiences and struggles while addressing the women’s concerns in their SCMs. The women will critically evaluate the programmes and activities by listening others’ stories. They bring their wisdom and skills to formulate, strategise the programmes for the next 4 years based on their needs, which would strive us to achieve gender justice in the region and transform our vision into a reality. Participants: 10-12 young women from the Asia Pacific Region.

The Objectives are:

  1. To elect the new Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) members of WSCF AP for the year 2010-2012
  2. To understand, share and exchange information on the National Movements’ women’s issues and programmes
  3. Strategize plans for developing women’s programmes in National Movements that do not have any women’s desk or regular women’s programmes
  4. To make concrete suggestions to the direction of the Regional Women’s programme in order to achieve our vision, mission, goals and strategies for the next 4 years.

WSCF AP Regional Committee Meeting (RCM)

Last week of July
Indonesia (tentative)
Deadline of delegate: May

The WSCF AP Regional Committee (RC) is the highest policy making body of the Federation in the Asia Pacific region. The Meeting will be attended by 25 members, delegates from the affiliated and associated movement of the Federation in Asia and the Pacific, the WSCF AP Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Exco Members and Regional Staff. The RCM program will include commissions that will deal on topics such Women and Men Partnership, Interfaith, Climate Justice, Migration. An exposure program will also be part of the schedule on the 8 days meeting. We invite the Affiliate and Associate members of WSCF in the Asia Pacific region to select one official delegate to the RCM, prepare nominations for Standing Committee, Human Rights Committee and Regional Women’s Committee.

The Regional Committee shall accomplish the following:

  1. review and assess the situations of the member movements of the region in the context of the work of the Executive Committee and the worldwide situation of the Federation;
  2. consider the ideas, problems and aspirations of the member movements of the region;
  3. determine and review objectives, policies and priorities for the region;
  4. devise the ongoing program of the region;
  5. recommend affiliation or association of the movements;
  6. coordinate the activities of the regional staff and national staff within the region;
  7. prepare the regional budget to be submitted to the Executive Committee;
  8. elect members of the Regional Standing Committee;
  9. elect regional representatives to the Executive Committee in accordance to the Constitution of the WSCF; and decide on a date and venue for the next meeting of the Committee

Student Empowerment for Transformation (SET) on Climate Justice

Sri Lanka
Deadline of Application: July

“Climate Change” is an issue of international justice as well as inter-generational justice. Young people are called to respond to the environmental crisis in a sustained way and with a new paradigm. The call for “Climate Justice”, emphasizes the role of personal individual changes in consumption patterns and practices, but put in perspective the question of Economic Justice as central in moving forward with global environmental challenge. The rich of the world, through promotion of the neo-liberal economic model, have been and continue to be responsible for the vast majority of emissions causing human-produced climate change, while millions of people in poor countries continue to suffer from the lack of basic necessities, such as food and water for a decent quality of life. Over-consumption of the rich and poverty of the poor must both be eliminated to ensure quality of life for all.

Young people and the future generations will inherit the Earth, we are committed to engaging people in the churches and universities to take the challenge of “Climate Justice” as central in our ecumenical witness in today’s world. It is within this framework that this SET Training Camp is being proposed. The program will run for 10 days. The SET aims to address the need to sustain awareness and education on the ecological concerns and climate justice among young people in the churches and schools in 18 countries in Asia Pacific. We believe that it is important for young people to be exposed to various ways in which their organizations and communities can be involved in environmental advocacy by doing concrete and meaningful programs and activities to sustain the work on Climate Justice.

EASYNet Youth Week Celebration

3rd week of October

Every year, the EASYNet member organization commits itself to celebrating the “Youth Week” which aims to bring the young people of EASYNet member movement and partner organizations to come together to reflect on issues affecting the lives of young people and to discern its Christian praxis. It is also a time to collectively celebrate our youthful journey, blessings and solidarity. In recent decades, EASYNet Week is more popularly known as Asia Youth Week (AYW) Celebration among CCA Youth (NCC Youth). However after ASYG 2000,CCA felt that AYW should be more “ecumenically” celebrated thus in 2001, the CCA and NCC youth have actively enjoined partner movements to join in the AYW celebration. In 2002, CCA officially turned over to EASYNet the initiatives of celebrating the Youth Week. In the last 5 years, EASYNet week is known as Asia Pacific Students and Youth Week (APSYW). This year we are launching the EASYNet Week this in the context of actively promoting the network among its member movement from the national leadership to its grassroots membership. The EASYNet Week can also be a venue for localized/grassroot celebration of “National Students and Youth Gathering.”

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

November 25 to December 10
Regional and Global

This is an international campaign starting on November 25, International Day against Violence against Women and will close on December 10, International Human Rights Day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. The RWC members will come up with a guide line for different activities to observe these significant days with the national movements.

Scholarship for Women Students
in Ewha Graduate School of Theology (EGST)

Seoul, South Korea

We congratulate Ms. Daisy Roy from SCM Bangladesh and Ms. Milka Hanook from SCM Pakistan who are being selected by the EGST for full scholarship to study Masters of Theology in EGST. EGST has been one of the best theological institutions for Korean and Asian Christian women. Ewha faculty members have strong academic commitment to develop theological study and practice from Asian feminist perspectives. EGST also has strong networks with other Asian theological associations and feminist organizations. Ewha graduates have contributed to women’s humanization and liberation, and promoted ecclesiastical and social transformation in Korea, Asia and the world. Daisy and Milka will be reporting the college on 24th February 2010. We wish them all the very best for their studies.

“PRAXIS,” WSCF AP’s Official Publication

April, August, December

In 2010, 3 issues of PRAXIS will be published. The first issue will focus on “Women and Gender” (April) issues, the second will be on the “Climate Justice” (August) and last issue will be on “Human Rights” (December). In the advent of electronic media, we continue to publish PRAXIS in printed form and electronic form to reach a wider number of audience taking into consideration that a significant number of young people, especially in Asia, cannot easily access Information, Communication Technology (ICT) tools. PRAXIS is a communication tool for the WSCF and the SCM to express their views, reflections on issues and topics concerning their context. It is also a space to know about the work of the SCMs and WSCF and stay in touch with global Ecumenical Movement. Once again, we encourage the SCMs to contribute articles, news, photos, essays, poems, artwork to PRAXIS. We hope to receive these contributions one month before scheduled publication of PRAXIS.