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Regional Programme
World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)

WSCF AP Regional Programme 2007


EASYNet National Coordinators Training 
and Coordinating Team Meeting

February 5 to 10
Manila, Philippines

This is a training program for new EASYNet national coordinators in different parts of Asia and Pacific attended by 20 participants selected by the network members. The training will include inputs about challenges and prospect of the ecumenical youth movement, history and biblical foundation of the ecumenical movement. The coordinator’s team meeting, composed of the representatives of the six partner organizations of EASYNet will discuss the plans for Asian Student and Youth Gathering (ASYG) in 2008, selection process of the next EASYNet coordinator and fund raising for the network.

WSCF Staff and IRO Officers Meeting

February 8 to 14
Geneva, Switzerland

This is the annual regional and IRO staff meeting with the global officers of the federation. The agenda includes review of activities in 2006, plans for the year, WSCF GA plans in 2008, Ecumenical Assistance Program (EAP) and other personnel and administrative matters. WSCF AP Regional Secretary will attend this meeting.

WSCF AP Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

February 19 to 20
Hong Kong

The meeting of the Women’s Committee will be attended by the members of the Committee to plan for the Women’s programs for the region in the next two-years, discuss the regional coordinator’s position and other matters related to the program.

WSCF AP Regional Coordinator’s Search Committee Meeting

February 21
Hong Kong

This meeting which coincides with the RWC and SC is the final process for the search of the next Regional Women’s Coordinator. The Committee members will interview and recommend the successful candidate for the Regional Women’s Coordinator position for the region.

WSCF AP Standing Committee Meeting

February 22 to 24
Hong Kong

This is the regular biennial meeting of the officers and staff of the region composed of the chairperson, vice-chair, excos, member-at-large and regional staff to discuss biennial plans, approve the budget of the region, evaluate the over-all health of the national movements and review the vision of the federation. If you have some concerns that you want to be discussed by the Committee, please feel free to send in your ideas and suggestions to the regional office.

WSCF AP Human Rights Defender’s Workshop for Students

June 18 to 21
Manila, Philippines

The regional workshop will be participated in by all member movements of the federation in the region, with at least one participant from each national movement. The workshop will be hosted by SCM Philippines, with support from Forum Asia. The Human Rights Defenders Training Workshop for Students aims;

  • to provide students with the skills for human rights advocacy work,
  • develop a Human Rights campaign strategy,
  • provide them with human rights framework of analysis by looking at the varied aspects of human rights issues from different perspective (i.e. gender perspective) and;
  • plan for the formation of Human Rights Desks in some countries.

At the end of the workshop, the participants would have become equipped with the necessary skills as Human Rights Defenders and Advocates. The workshop will be attended by 25 students from all over Asia-Pacific and the members of the newly-formed WSCF AP Human Rights Committee. We invite you to plan ahead and select your participant to this workshop as soon as you can; deadline of application is April 30.

International Solidarity Mission (ISM)

June 22 to 25

Immediately after the workshop, the participants will travel to different part of the Philippines to undertake a mission to gather data and information on the killings of student activist in some parts of the region. The ISM aims to contribute to bring justice to the victims of human rights violations, the speedy resolution of the cases and promote Human Rights in general. 

WSCF ExCo Meeting

Cairo, Egypt

(dates to be confirmed by IRO)

Biennial meeting of the federation’s global executive committee members, officers and staff to discuss the health of the federation and plan for the WSCF General Assembly in 2008. The WSCF AP region will be represented by our ExCo-members, Nina Nayoan and Michael Perkins. 

Inter-regional Women’s Program

Cairo, Egypt (dates and concept to be confirmed by IRO)

WSCF Inter-regional program on Migration

Latin America (dates and concept to be confirmed by IRO)

School for Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) Program

September 2 to 22
Sri Lanka

This year’s SELF program will be a joint undertaking between CCA Youth and WSCF AP on the theme, “Young People Working Towards Wider Ecumenism in a Pluralistic Society”. As an intensive leadership development program, it will be attended by 40 young people, 20 from WSCF AP and 20 from CCA member youth groups. The SELF Program aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Sharpen their awareness and analysis of the social, political and economic setting of the world in the context of Asian societies and challenge to the churches through sharing of experiences, exposure, studies and reflections;
  • Articulate the biblical and theological perspectives on the global burning issues such as globalization, militarization/war on terror, justice, peace, ecology, feminism, etc;
  • Trace the history of ecumenical movement in the national, regional and global levels, identifying convergence, challenges and possibilities;
  • Search alternative approach to communicate and advocate ecumenical witness among students and youth in the concrete life of the peoples;
  • Strengthen each other in their ecumenical journey and aspiration.

Once again, please prepare and select your participant in advance for this program, deadline of application is July 30.

General Secretaries and National Coordinator’s Meeting

October 27 to 29
Chiangmai, Thailand

The GS and National Coordinator’s Meeting will be attended by the current General Secretaries or National Coordinators of the 18 SCMs in the region. It will be an occasion to discuss matters on movement life and movement building and share our common concerns and ideas. This year, the meeting will focus on the topic, ”SCM Theology and Spirituality”. The meeting is also being planned to coincide with the CCA Youth Forum on October 30 and a joint meeting with the NCC Youth Secretaries and CCA youth leaders on October 29. 

Women Doing Theology Workshop

November (dates will be finalized after the RWC Meeting in Feb)

With the theme “SCM Women & Sexuality: Embracing, Inclusiveness and Encompassing”, the one-week workshop aims to gather 20 young women participants to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To de-construct and de-mythisize the notion of taboo in the discourse on sexuality, particularly female sexuality
  • To understand the androcentric impact and power structures that perpetuate control and oppression of women through the androcentric construction of sexuality
  • To understand the present situation of SCM women’s experiences and reflection on sexuality in their own definition
  • To critically reflect on the religious roots of patriarchy and androcentric outlook in the Christian Theology and text interpretations in the Bible;
  • To do Bible Studies using methodologies of Critical Feminist Hermeneutics;
  • To explore Feminist Theologies that inspire deep, inclusive and encompassing Christian Theology
  • To relate SCM women’s experience and struggles to the Christian Theology that is an inspiration and not an oppression

Once again, please prepare and select your participant in advance for this program, deadline of application is September 30

SCM-WSCF AP Joint Women’s Program

We would like to invite you to submit your activity proposals for the SCM-WSCF AP Joint Women’s Program. The Regional Women’s Committee will select 2 national movements to organize a joint program with us on issues and topics relevant to the women in the national movement. The dates and details of the program will be discussed by the national movement and the Regional Women’s Coordinator. 

SCM and NCC National Consultation

This year, we would like to encourage our movements in Cambodia and Australia to organize a joint program with church youth organization and the youth department of the National Council of Churches (NCCs) in their country on the topic of “Campus Student Ministry.” These two countries have been chosen by the CCA-WSCF AP Joint Committee as there was no opportunity to organize a similar program in the last five years.

Internships and Bossey:

Human Rights Intern on issue of Migration

We would like to invite you to nominate a member of your movement to apply for 3-months Human Rights Internship Program on the issue of “Migration” in 2007. The Internship Program will be conducted in one of the Migrant host country either in Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong with Migrant organizations or center as host. The internship will begin on June and end on August. Deadline of application will be April 30, 2007.

Bossey Theological Course

We would like to invite you to encourage a member of your movement who has a formal theological training (minimum of 3 years full course leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology or Masters of Divinity) to apply for the Bossey Graduate School of Ecumenical Studies for 2008. WSCF will recommend and provide a partial scholarship to the successful candidate. The deadline of application is end of December 2007. You can visit the website for further information:

English Teacher Volunteer

At “Tomorrow House” of the Haien Migrant Church in Korea

One of the Minjung church in Korea, with a senior friend Pastor invited WSCF AP to invite a volunteer English teacher for one year in their Church. The church will provide the airfare, basic needs and honorarium to the volunteer. If you are interested, kindly get in touch directly with the Regional Secretary for the details.

New Initiatives and Projects:

WSCF Team Visit to China

This year we are planning to have a Team Visit to China which aims to gather information about the realities of Christian youth and student in China, and to establish our links with students in the theological schools for possible movement building in the future. The visit will be organized in cooperation with Asia Alliance of YMCA and Amity Foundation.

Movement Visit to Fiji and the Pacific

To begin the process of re-establishing the national movement in the Pacific Islands, a visit by the regional staff will be organized within the year. 

Publication Project

SCM and WSCF Organizer’s Handbook

Other Events and Activities:

CCA 50th Year Anniversary Celebration

March 3 to 8
Parapat, Indonesia

As a member of the ecumenical movement, we are taking-part in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of CCA. The region will send representative to the celebration in Parapat Indonesia to show our solidarity and commitment to the ecumenical movement of the churches in Asia.