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Annotated Bibliography of CCA/WSCF AP Joint Programmes and Resource Booklets

CCA/WSCF AP 2000-2004 Resource Booklets


Koshy Ninan
A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Asia. Volume II

(WSCF AP, YMCA, CCA, 2004)

Koshy Ninan
A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Asia, Volume I

(WSCF AP, YMCA, CCA, 2004)

Wong Yock Leng
Reflective Liturgy for SCM Women, Resource Book Series 2

(WSCF AP, 2004)

Wong Yock Leng
Leadership Formation for Students and Youth, Resource Book Series 1

(WSCF AP, 2004)


Montes, Necta (ed)
School of Ecumenical Leadership Formation, SELF 2001
A Joint Effort by CCA & WSCF AP

July 15th-19th August 2001, Chiangmai, Thailand
(CCA & WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 2002)

This is a booklet of the School of Ecumenical Leadership Formation (SELF) programme as a joint effort by the CCA and WSCF AP respectively in 2001. This programme is one of many joint efforts by CCA/WSCF AP to establish a greater understanding of Ecumenism within the context of Asia and the Pacific and initially on the global scene. The focus of this programme was to re-examine the causes of the weakening and to re-develop the scope of Ecumenical leadership by providing training on the realities of our societies, and persona knowledge of the Ecumenical Movement. The programme was designed in 6 modules, 1) Orientation and Community Building; 2) Defining Our Times; 3) Reading the Signs of the Times; 4) The Ecumenical Movement; 5) Communication the Ecumenical Vision to the Youth; 6) Reflexive Learning. Subsequently throughout the programme several exposure trips throughout the urban and rural areas of Thailand provided the participants with an insight to the diverse formats of Ecumenism and Ecumenical Leadership, especially more challenging for participants whose societies off a somewhat different context life style.

Wong, Yock Leng (ed)
Women and Men in Partnership in the context of SCM

(WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 2002)

This is a recourse booklet based on the Regional Women’s Programme under the theme ‘From Gender Sensitivity to Genuine Partnership: WSCF AP Journey’ which was held in November 2001. This programme was designed to challenge both women and men within the WSCF/SCM movements to work together and grown in true partnership with each other (p 5). The objectives outlined in this book are 1) to create a deeper awareness among men and women in the WSCF and SCM on the importance of partnership. 2) To enable participants to go beyond the level of gender awareness and sensitivity through developing skills in gender analysis. 3) To enable participants to realise that all gender awareness and analysis must lead to equal men and women partnership in the Federation. 4) To awaken consciousness of women’s and gender issues through the exposure programme. 5) To read the Bible critically with new eyes around issues of gender and partnership. 6) To facilitate the development of strategies and plans for gender and partnership work in the national movements.

Wong, Yock Leng (ed)
Women Empowerment for Transformation
“Trafficking of Women in Northeast Asia”
A Resource Guidebook for the National Movements
of WSCF AP, A Regional Women’s Programme

1-9 March 2002, Taiwan (WSCF AP)

This is a resource booklet to help to Empower Women of the highly volatile and violent industry of working in the sex industry. This is particularly highlighted and exploited in the poorer Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Indo-China. This booklet is a collection of reports and stories that illustrated the humiliation, violence, and abuse of women and children who have been subjected to a life of living within the sex industry. Parents and other relatives have forced their own children into the sex industry as a means of earning money. Women have been trafficked to sustain the sex need of the US Army, which are based in several countries within Asia, Korea and the Philippines. SCMers who have been actively involved in the empowerment of women saw a need to challenge each other on the issues of peace and justice among an arena that exploits women and children for sexual gratification. Therefore this resource booklet was produced from the programme ‘Women Empowerment for Transformation (WET): Trafficking of Women in North East Asia’ a programme by WSCF/SCMs respectively to support and learn about the struggles of women and children.

Das, Somen (ed)
Reclaiming the Cross: Bible Studies for Young
Christians Facing Contemporary Issues

(CCA & WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 2000)

This book asks how young can reclaim to the symbolism of the cross in their own faith journeys and the liberating traditions that is a part of this symbolism. Therefore the author of this book helps the student reclaim this sense of understanding the liberating themes of the cross in today’s context to both illustrate and empower us to coming into a personal and communal commitment to Christ and to help us find the Christ in others. The format of this book is a bible study for each context: Human Context; Bible Contexts (Old Testament, Apostolic Witness and Gospel Truth); Theological and Ethical Affirmations; Questions for Group Discussion; Field Study; Quotations for Personal and Group Reflection and References. This format was designed to help young people connect faith and reality within their own social and cultural context.