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Praxis 2011

First issue – Everyone Has the Right to Education

No. 3, 2010 & No. 1, 2011In this issue of PRAXIS, we feature an article collectively written by student in the Philippines on their analysis of the education system and its link to the economic policies of the government following the dictates of neo-liberal economic policies. We also feature a collection of news from student movements in the different parts of the world calling for education and student rights and welfare. The Biblico-theological reflection on education gives an account of Jesus commissioning the disciples to “teach, heal and transform lives,” the Movement News is from SCM movements in Japan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Korea, Philippines, India and Indonesia and programs and activities at the regional level.

Second issue – Just Peace?

No. 2, 2011This issue of Praxis is our effort to engage young people to discuss the concept of ‘Just Peace’ in the context of Asia-Pacific region cognizant of the ongoing debate on the content of the ‘Ecumenical Call for Just Peace’ of the World Council of Churches (WCC), its framework document. In the Perspective Section, we feature the response of a group theologians from Korea to the WCC’s call for ‘Just Peace,’ in preparation for the International Peace Convocation (IEPC) in Jamaica. The section on Biblical Reflections features a Bible Study entitled, “Who will roll the stone away?” The Bible Study invites us to re-think the meaning of removing the heavy ‘stone of oppression,’ especially to women and marginalized people in Asia. SCMers Diary is entitled, “Post 80’s Generation, A Value War,” is written by Jeremy Chu from SCM Hong Kong, is a review of a recently published book, “Post 80’s Self-Delving Youth” by SCM Hong Kong Solidarity Space shares a prayer and statement from the WSCF Asia-Pacific region to SCM Norway on the July 22nd twin attack in Norway, Our Regional News and Movement News bring you what’s up-and about in the Federation and the activities of the SCMs in Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and our newest movement in Nepal.


 Issue No. 2, 2011 May-August

Issue No. 2, May-Aug 2011

    Just Peace from the Perspective of Korean Theologians
    Who will roll the stone away?
    The Post 80’s Movement in Hong Kong
    Prayer and Message to SCM Norway
    WSCF Global Staff and Officers Meeting •
    Bipul Alite as EASYNet Coordinator •
    Ecumenical Creative Workshop •
    HRJP Committee Meeting and Communique
    Australia • Indonesia • Nepal • India • Korea • Japan
 Double Issue No. 3, 2010 and No. 1, 2011 - September 2010 - April 2011

Double Issue No. 3 & 1, Sep 2010 - Apr 2011

    A Call to Strike Against Education Budget Cut • International Solidarity of Students and Youth in the Struggle for Education Rights
    Blossoming: The Right of Every Bud
    An Ecumenical Encounter with the Global Christian Forum Asia Regional Meeting
    Solidarity Statement on Climate and EcoJustice • WSCF's Water and Justice Campaign
    WSCF AP holds 20th RWC Meeting • WSCF AP Standing Holds Meeting • RWP-Student YMCA and SCM Japan Joint Miriam Program • WSCF AP holds RWP in Sri Lanka • EASYNet Core Team holds Meeting
    Nepal • Myanmar • Korea • Japan • Philippines • Bangladesh • India