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Praxis 2008

Praxis, WSCF AP’s official publication, continues to be a viable tool of communicating the voices and concerns of young people in the SCMs and the issues that concerns their lives. Although the circulation is limited, about 500 copies worldwide, this is sent to school libraries, organization, teachers and member movements where possibilities of reproduction is high. Praxis is also sent online to a wide-range of readers, primarily to people who have access to internet.

Many of the articles in PRAXIS has been re-produced as materials for educational purposes in local activities and programs of SCMs and youth groups. Although the mode of communication and sharing of reading resources has drastically changed to internet-based, we hope to maintain the published PRAXIS to reach-out to wide audience that has no access to internet for various reasons.

In 2008, three issues of PRAXIS were published.

First issue –Women, Poverty and HIV-AIDS

No. 1, 2008The first issue (no.1 January-April 2008) was on the theme, “Women, Poverty, HIV-AIDS,” it published articles on Economic Globalization and the Free Market from a Gender Perspective and an article on the experience of a young woman working with people living with AIDS entitled,” Enlivening the Faith: Women HIV and AIDS.” The issue also featured news of events, articles from the region and national movements.

Second issue – Culture of Peace

No. 2, 2008The second issue (no.2 May-August 2008), dealt on the issue of the Culture of Peace with articles on Youth and the Culture of Peace and biblical reflection the WSCF General Assembly theme, “ Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy.” This issue featured reflections of the experiences of two delegates to the WSCF GA.

Third issue – Human Rights, Justice and Peace

No. 3, 2008The third issue (no. 3 September – December 2008) on the theme of Human Rights, Justice and Peace. The banner article was a reflection on the Christian response towards the communal violence that took place in Orissa, India and the biblical reflection on Human Rights.