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Praxis 2007

First issue – Sexuality

No. 1, 2007The first issue of PRAXIS (January to April) for 2007 was devoted on the theme, Sexuality. The issue of Sexuality deserves more of our awareness and recognition. Varied sexual orientations should be emphasized on ‘how’ does one have a relationship with not of ‘who’ does one have a relationship with. Sexuality is our connection to God who has created a diversity to be appreciated, loved, respected and celebrated, an abundant life that has no room for oppression, judgmental values and moral persecution. PRAXIS featured articles written by Sunila Abeysekera on Sexuality- A Feminist Issue?, reflection from Annabel Dulhunty from SCM Australia on her participation in the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women Meeting, Yasuko Ako on Women’s Clinic to Support Women’s Reproductive Health, and Christina Wong Wai Yin, a senior friend of SCM Hong Kong, who wrote a sermon on Life and Death Erotic Love in the Songs of Songs.

Second issue – Migration

No. 2, 2007The second issue of PRAXIS (May and August) in 2007 was on the theme Migration, the global theme of the Federation. Migration is a major issue confronting the Asia Pacific region, home to over 200 million migrant laborers. The problems associated with labor migration is varied from joblessness, “race to the bottom” wages, loss of social benefits, contractualization, de-unioniztion, and the undermining of workers solidarity and collective actions. In this issue of PRAXIS, features articles were: The Impact of Neoliberal Labor Market Reforms to Migrant Workers by Ramon Bultron, Jesus Christ, Asylum Seeker, Refugee and a Migrant by Dr. Bahagt Saman, Discrimination Against Women Migrants in Bangladesh by Monika Biswas and reflections from the SCMers in the region.

Third issue – Human Rights

No. 3, 2007The third and last issue (September to December) of PRAXIS for 2007 was on Human Rights. The last few months of 2007 have been disturbing for many of us living in the Asia Pacific. We have seen how the Burmese Military Junta violently quelled the people’s peaceful voices of resistance in Burma, the arrests fo lawyers and human rights activists, the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, and the continuing extra-judicial killings in the Philippines. In this issue of PRAXIS the following articles were featured: You Can’t Shoot Loving Kindness, Movingn Forward in the Maroon Revolution by the APPPB, Human Rights Liturgy prepared by the WSCF Human Rights Committee, War Does Not Make Sense by Doman Macagne, and reflections by the SCMers on the issue of Human Rights.