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Annotated Bibliography of WSCF Asia-Pacific Book Series Publications

Book Series 15-20 (1992-1995)


Antone, Hope S. (ed)
Ecumenical Student Ministry in Asia-Pacific
Book Series 20 (WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 1995)

This book consists of selected papers presented at the CCA-WSCF Joint Programme held in Bangkok from 1st to 8th April 1995, with two other specially solicited papers. The 18 papers of this book are arranged into 6 sub-sections. Biblical Perspectives for Ecumenical Student Ministry (Bible studies led by Monica Melanchthon & Archie C. Lee). Context of the Student Ministry (papers presented by Feliciano V. Cariño, and Australian SCM). Focus of Student Ministry (papers by Singapore SCM and Jega Ponnambalam of the Asian Students Association). Strategies for Ecumenical Student Ministry (papers by Aotearoa-New Zealand SCM, Sri Lanka SCM, Hong Kong SCM and Kwon Jin Kwan of Korea). Ecumenical Student Ministry: Partnership of SCM and Churches (Papers from Taiwan SCM, Christine Ledger and Clyde Robinson Jr). Review of Student Ministry in WSCF and the Asia-Pacific (Papers from Yong Ting Jin, CWP’95 keynote addresses of Amanda Tibbey and Kyaw Than). Each chapter talks about the growing difficulties Christian students have had to face amidst social, economic, religious and political conflict. The common ground this book highlights is to find a ground of solidarity among the ecumenical factions of student ministry in each particular context within the Asian Pacific Region.

Ahn, Jae Woong
God In Our Midst
Book Series 19 (WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 1995)

Ahn Jaewoong, a former Regional Secretary of WSCF AP, contextualises the struggles of Asian people which parallels the realities of people in similar circumstances throughout biblical times. Written at a time during the centenary in 1995 he writes about his concerns and experiences throughout his ecumenical career as an advocate for peace and justice. The expression of this book ranges from the problems of worshipping an unknown God that is caught up in capitalism and individualism to issues of migrant concerns from the past to the present. Chapter 8 highlights ‘The Wisdom of Minjung in Korea’ that, “The Korean Minjung that Korea must liberate itself from the domination of the superpowers”. With this statement Dr. Ahn also encourages us to understand that minjung is a theology for all people who continue to struggle from a lower cultural, social, and economic climate that forces people to live in an oppressive situation from the superpowers of politics and institutions. At the conclusion Dr. Ahn’s hopes and wishes for a peaceful global community is based on his thoughts of strong ecumenical ties which will make Isaiah’s dream come true (Isaiah 11:6-8).

Engel, Frank
Living in a World Community: An East Asian Experience
of the World Student Christian Federation 1931-1961

Book Series 18 (WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 1994)

This book is an historical illustration of the WSCF Asia and Pacific Region from 1931 to 1961. Frank captures many of the important events and visits by various peoples who have been influential and involved in WSCF from New Zealand to the East Asian region, from Dr. T.Z Koo, to his invitation to become the Secretary for WSCF AP in 1959 to 1961. This book is well researched in the history and earlier development of WSCF within the Asia and Pacific region and written for the centennial in 1995 in response to the need of examining the historical and current life of WSCF globally (Foreword by Harvey L, Perkins; Edited by Yong Ting Jin, & Wong Wai Ching) In conclusion the appendixes illustrate individual travel journals and added material of Frank Engel, John Gault, Patricia McGrath (Travelling Secretary, ASCM) and General Committee Members Margaret Bearlin and Jean Stock.

Park, Sang Jung
Ecumenical Praxis and Democracy in Asia: Some Biblical and Critical Reflections
Book Series 17 (WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 1993)

Park critically reflects on several biblical texts that helps us understand a more grounded and relevant insight into understanding the life Jesus in relationship with people who have been socially, religiously and politically marginalised by classim, racism, and sexism. Park draws on Minjung Theology to biblically reflect upon the social realities of the marginalised during Jesus’ and current Christian times. Ecumenism and Democracy in Asia can only been achieved by having some insight into the Christian experiences of Asian peoples, therefore the biblical reflections and analysis of this book helps the reader to understand a pure Asian context of doing theology among the marginalised peoples. Foreword by Yong Ting Jin she highlight two ‘cardinal points’ on which these biblical reflections are based on ‘people’ and ‘Christian Witness’, it is at these points that ecumenism that be encountered. “Rev. Park reflects on the minjung in Korea, he does not exclude other people……… he takes a specific context to demonstrate the point that Jesus is with the ‘ocholos’ everywhere.”

Antone, Hope S. & Yong, Tingjin (ed)
Re-living Our Faith Today: A Bible Study Resource Book

Book Series 16 (WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 1992)

This is a resource booklet is a collection of Bible studies presented at various times for programmes hosted by the World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific. In 1989 during the Human Resources Development it was highlight that there was a need for ‘doing theologies in Asia from the perspectives of young people, women and students.’ There was also an observation that many SCMs lacked basic biblical knowledge to help get a better understanding of the bible in conjunction with the social issues and realities that each SCMer came from. This collection of Bible studies also includes a presentation from the grassroots women’s leadership formation program of the Christian Conference of Asia-Urban Rural Mission: ‘Judith: A Paradigm of Faith and Steadfastness’ also reflects the same focus to the constituency of WSCF AP. The contributors to this book are: Hope S. Antone (Philippines); Dhyanchand Carr (India); Sharon Rose Joy Riz-duremdes (Philippines); Kang Won Don (Korea); Kim Hae Rang (Korea); Kowk Pui Lan (Hong Kong); Lee Won Don (Korea); Sohn Eun Ha (Korea); Ann Wansbrough (Australia).

Antone, Hope S. & Yong, Tingjin (ed)
Our Stories, Our Faith
Book Series 15 (WSCF AP, Hong Kong, 1992)

This is a resource booklet that was developed as a result of the ‘Women Doing Theology Workshop’ that was held in Taiwan, 1-12 February 1991. It was a gathering of 25 women from the Asia and Pacific Regions for learning and sharing even coming together in search of a vision to act out their role as in women in the midst of human struggles. Subsequently the workshop aims were to: a) introduce and promote the importance of the need for women to do theology from women’s experience in the SCMs; b) ensure the continuity of the process of women doing theology; c) deepen critical awareness and prepare young SCM women to respond in concrete action to women’s issues at national and regional levels; d) interpret the Bible from the women’s perspective; e) share and listen to teach one’s personal stories and gain strength in realising shared experiences. The programme areas of the workshop were; creative worship; personal storytelling; Bible studies and faith reflections on “Women in the Old Testament,” “Women in the New Testament,” “The Woman Who Dared to Break In” and “Ephesians and Workers;” as well as workshops on “Reading the Bible from a Woman’s Perspective”…….