World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
Annual Report 2011
HRJP Water Campaign Resource Material
Issue No. 2, May-Aug 2011
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World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific (WSCF AP)

Upcoming Programmes, Meetings and Advocacy
of the WSCF AP for June to December 2013


Hong Kong

Capacity Building Training of Trainers

This Training will be attended by the SCM Coordinators and General Secretaries, or those that are actively engaged in SCM work at the national level. Following the recommendation of RCM 2012, this year’s meeting will include a five-day training program on various skills necessary in movement work and managing an organization. The objectives of the programs are as follows:

  • Know the status and life of the national movements, identify the common trend, challenges, weaknesses and concerns;
  • Strategize for “Movement Building and Strengthening in the next 2 years;
  • Identify the current issues and concerns of the Ecumenical Movement, Youth and Student situation in the national/regional/global context;
  • Coordinate programs and activities between national movements and the region;
  • Establish camaraderie and closer links between the leaders of the SCMs and the Federation;
  • Provide training to the leaders of the SCM on movement building, organizational development and management, advocacy, fund raising, etc.


WSCF AP Regional Women Doing Theology (WDT)

The Women Doing Theology is a regular effective women’s programme for the young women from the national movements. This year the WDT will be organized in the regional level. Participant attended  this workshop  will focus on a writing workshop.  This WDT workshop is aimed to develop a module of women doing theology in order to facilitate the women and SCM in promoting  ‘doing critical feminist theology’ in their national movement or their  context of struggle.



Human Rights Justice and Peace (HRJP) Workshop

The Human Rights Defenders Training Workshop for Students aims to provide students with the skills for human rights advocacy work, develop a Human Rights campaign strategy, provide them with human rights framework of analysis by looking at the varied aspects of human rights issues from different perspective. At the end of the workshop, the participants would have become equipped with basic knowledge and skills as Human Rights Defenders and Advocates. Specifically, the HRD Training aims to: Better understand the rights of HRDs and mechanisms to protect HRDs at national and international levels; Work for human rights in Asia Pacific countries and gather support in campaigning these issues in the SCMs and churches in the Asia-Pacific region; Acquire and develop skills in the human rights and peace works from the SCMs, church groups, Non Government Organization (NGO) and Peace Organization (PO) in the Asia Pacific region; Strengthen Human Rights Support Group human rights desk in the SCMs. 20 to 25 young SCM members from the AP region will attend the said workshop.



4rd Asian Student and Youth Gathering (ASYG)

The 4th ASYG will be a gathering of 150 young people from the seven member organization of EASYNET, namely: APAY YMCA, YWCA, CCA, WSCF AP, IMCS, IYSC and IYCW. With the theme, Justice and Peace Now!

The Gathering aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To create space / common platform for youth Church leaders/ students from Asia and the Pacific to celebrate, dialogue in diversity and solidarity
  • To strengthen revive/revitalize Asian youth ecumenical networking and promote youth involvement in prophetic ministry of justice, Peace and various contemporary issues of Human Rights.
  • To reflect on the realities of Asian Youth through youth eye’s and to challenge the youth and students to participate in promoting a culture of peace and justice in pluralistic perspectives
  • To bring a prophetic voice and develop theological understanding to uphold and affirm life in its fullness in the context of an unjust society (Asia/world) to establish peace.
  • To enhance the National Ecumenical teams participation in cultivating culture of peace and justice at the grassroots level.

For further information, please get in touch with the EASYNET Coordinator, Kasta Dip at kasta[at]


3rd week of October

EASYNET Youth Week Celebration

Every year, the EASYNET member organization commits itself to celebrating the “Youth Week” which aims to bring the young people of EASY Net member movement and partner organizations to come together to reflect on issues affecting the lives of young people and to discern its Christian praxis. It is also a time to collectively celebrate our youthful journey, blessings and solidarity. In recent decades, EASY Net Week is more popularly known as Asia Youth Week (AYW) Celebration among CCA Youth (NCC Youth).However after ASYG 2000,CCA felt that AYW should be more “ ecumenically” celebrated thus in 2001, the CCA and NCC youth have actively enjoined partner movements to join in the AYW celebration. In 2002, CCA officially turned over to EASY Net the initiatives of celebrating the Youth Week. In the last 5 years, EASY Net week is known as Asia Pacific Students and Youth Week (APSYW). This year we are launching the EASY Net Week this in the context of actively promoting the network among its member movement from the national leadership to its grassroots membership. The EASY Net Week can also be a venue for localized/grasroot celebration of “National Students and Youth Gathering.”


Oct 23 - Nov 8,
Busan, South Korea

WSCF workshop, Executive Committee Meeting
and WCC Assembly

The WCC is developing the 2013 Busan Assembly with the concept of an “expanded ecumenical space”, inviting ecumenical organizations to hold their own leadership meetings/ events before or after the Assembly and to use this Assembly space to think creatively together about the future of ecumenism. The WSCF ExCo decided to participate and advocate fully in the WCC Assembly, apart from holding our workshop, events, ExCo meeting before the Assembly.

This will be an opportunity for SCM Korea (KSCF) to participate, contribute, and inspire and challenge its own students to a strong vision for its future and its collaboration with other partners in the ecumenical movement. This event will be attended and participated by the WSCF global executive staff, ExCo members, students from KSCF and senior friends. WSCF will participate in the WCC Youth Pre-Assembly and will have access to many of the Assembly components and meetings. During the assembly WSCF will have a “booth” to talk with people about WSCF. Madang- WSCF will lead a workshop on Eco-Justice and will hold an exhibition. UDPS will be observed with the students and senior friends gathered in the assembly.


South Korea

WSCF Senior Friends Gathering

Network of Student Christian Movement Senior Friends
in the Asia Pacific Region (NESCAP)

This will be a follow up of the NESCAP launched in 2010 during the CCA assembly in Kualalumpur. In anticipation of the participation of SCM senior friends and student members in the up-coming WCC Assembly in Busan, a WSCF global senior friends gathering is being planned. The Gathering aims to gather SCM Senior Friends. This is a proposed platform for the SCM Senior Friends who are actively supporting the work of the SCMs and WSCF. The Gathering aims to make national SCMs more aware of the importance and potential of the senior friends and to reconnect with them for the life and mission of the SCMs; to encourage national SCMs to locate and identify senior friends and to bring them together from time to time for sharing issues and concerns; to create a network of national SCM senior friends; and to encourage national SCMs to have programs for senior friends on a regular basis.


Timor Leste,

Joint Women’s Program
proposed by Regional Women’s Committee


  • To identify potential women leaders in local/national SCM and to encourage their participation in movement building of SCM
  • To ensure commitment to the lives and issues pertaining to women in local/national context through a process of learning and reflect critically the women’s issue in their own socio political and cultural context
  • To provide space of learning the methodology of women doing theology as a way for encouragement and empowerment towards liberation and transformation

Nov 25 - Dec 10,
Regional and Global

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

This is an international campaign starting on November 25, International Day against Violence against Women and will close on December 10, International Human Rights Day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. The RWC members will come up with a guide line for different activities to observe these significant days with the national movements.



Your sons and daughter shall prophecy….
your young people will see vision.

An Appeal to our SCM and WSCF Senior Friends

SCMs in action

Appeal brochure - inner spreadWhy an Appeal?

Many of us have had unforgettable experiences in the SCMs and WSCF. I’m sure that you will agree that we have gained so much from our involvement in the SCM and WSCF and have brought about meaningful
changes in our own lives.

It has opened up our young minds to new perspective and viewpoints. It has provided us a unique space to challenge each other and make meaningful contributions in our societies. Most of all, we gained friends and comrades from far away places, many of whom have become lifetime friends, comrades and partners in life.

Because you believe that the same experience is worth sharing to the younger generation, and you believe that the vision of the SCMs and WSCF continues to inspire many young people today. [read on]