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Student Christian Movement Timor Leste (SCM TL)
Movimento Estudante Cristao Timor Leste

SCM Timor Leste Organizes
Monthly Panel Discussion

"Good Governance and Elimination of Corruption"

September 22, 2009

SCM Timor Leste Organizes Monthly Panel DiscussionSCM Timor continues to gain strength as a newly affiliated movement to WSCF. As part of their continuing education program, the movement organizes a monthly Panel Discussion to tackle relevant issues for the Timor Leste people. On September 22, the movement organized a Panel Discussion together with the ETCRN on Good Governance and Elimination of Corruption.

The objective of the discussion was to share information and ideas related to the issues on government service and civil societies. Panel presenters invited were from Government Public Ministry, Human Rights Commission and representatives from “Luta Hamutuk” and “Labeh,” two local NGOs. Participants of the Forum were university students, church leaders and SCM members.

On October 6, another Panel Discussion was organized on the theme, “Culture Timor Leste as Identity of Timorese.” The Discussion aimed to understand the meaning of Culture in the context of Timor Leste and develop a culture that will contribute in the nation building process of the country. Invited panel presenters were representative from “Luta Hamutuk,” who provided the anthropological perspective, Pastor Gabriel Suba for the Catholic perspective, and Rev. Albino for the Protestant perspective. The event was attended by students, civil society organizations and churches.

On October 22 to 25, SCM Timor Leste, together with women from the local churches organized a Women’s Training Program for rural women in Vatugade District on the theme, “Women’s Health and Economics.”

The objective of the program was to provide information on women’s basic health and livelihood. Ms. Maria Careres, representative from the Health Ministry came to lead the training program. Rural women from the Vatugade District and Atambuan came to participate in the training program.