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Third Ecumenical Leadership Training
on Ecumenism and Dialogue

March 19-22, 2009

Ecumenical Leadership Training on Ecumenism and Dialogue
Participants of the Ecumenical Leadership
Training planted trees at the Secondary High
School in Baucau as part of the training program.

SCM Timor Leste organized the 3rd Ecumenical Leadership Training on 19-22 March 2009 at IPTL Betania Church in Vila Nova, Baucau District. 43 people participated in the said training, representing SCM, YMCA, the Frontiers, Catholic youth, Nazarene’s youth center, IPTL and Assembly of God’s church youth from Baucau and Buruma village.

The theme was Ecumenism and Dialogue and the general objective of the training were:

  • Ecumenical Leadership Training on Ecumenism and Dialogueto provide space for Timorese young people to learn and strengthen their Christian Spirituality through praying, worship and study the Bible together;
  • to enable young Timorese to learn and understand about ecumenism: the concept, history and the challenges of ecumenical movement in the context of Timor Leste and at the global level;
  • to enable young Timorese to learn and practice about inter-religious dialogue, the ecumenical leadership particularly within the context of Timor leste;
  • to enable young Timorese to learn about the issue of integrity of creation and to practice on how to take care of environmental issue through the activity of forestation;

Some highlights of the activity were:

Celebrating the Universal Day of Prayer for Student in conjunction with the opening worship of the ecumenical leadership training which led by Rev. Agustinos de Alves; The liturgy of UDPS became a significant introduction to the theme of dialogue that most participants found it very important issue that needed to be dealt with by young Timorese as they are living in a plural society;

Workshop inputs given by some resource persons
on specific issues such as:

  • Ecumenism presented by Rev. Gerson Haan (IPTL synod);
  • Transformative Leadership presented by Sra. Dinorah Granadeiro (Director of NGO forum of Timor Leste);
  • Interreligious Dialogue presented by Rev. Agustinos de Vaconcelos (Protestant perspective) and Pe Alipio Pinto Gusmao (Catholic perspective);
  • Understanding the ecological justice presented by Sra. Aurelia Rodrigues (Haburas NGO focus on environmental issues);

Most participants found these inputs were enriching and for some these topics were quite new so they were more enthusiastic to learn about them;

Exposure to learn about how to
take care of the nature through action

On 21 March 2009, all participants of the training visited the Secondary High School in Baucau District to plant fifty small trees (locally called Jati Putih) around the compound of the school. Participant worked together to plant these trees as an expression to remind to take care of our environment. This event also helped the school students to bring awareness about the issues of environment

Celebration of World Water Day in 22 March in conjunction with the Sunday service with local congregation in IPTL Betani Church.

The liturgy focused on the issue of water has brought positive feedback from participants. The water issue is found very relevant with the people living in certain area of Baucau’s District where people have to buy water 10 USD/1000 L for daily use.