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SCM Timor Leste Celebrates
Universal Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

January 20, 2008

Universal Week of Prayer
Universal Week of Prayer
Universal Week of Prayer

Around 60 people from SCM-Timor Leste and YMCA, as well as Church youth, Catholic youth, the Nazarene youth, members of Santa Rafaela community, Eben Haezer group, and many other university students together celebrated the Universal Week of Prayer for Christian unity on Sunday, January 20, 2008 at the University in Dili, Timor Leste.

The main objectives of the said meeting were: a) to promote and bring awareness on ecumenical worship among the Timorese young people; b) to celebrate ecumenically the liturgy of the universal week of prayer for Christian unity in order to reflect about Unity in the context of Timor Leste; c) to maintain the ecumenical network among organizations in Timor Leste; and d) to build solidarity action and ecumenical network among young people.

The celebration was not only about gathering for the liturgical worship but was also a space to learn about ecumenism through praying together for peace and justice in 13 districts of Timor Leste and sharing about musical skills and talents.

The different students and youth organizations had been worked together to prepare this ecumenical worship, physical arrangements such as the venue, meals and transportation. The liturgies were translated in to Bahasa Indonesia and the local language the team. Fransisco Soares, SCM general secretary led the liturgy and the four vocal groups led the songs/hymns during the worship.