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Movimento Estudante Cristao Timor Leste

SCM Timor Leste Forms 2 Local Units

May 24, 2008

SCM Timor Leste Forms 2 Local UnitsThe new local unit of SCM Timor-Leste was formed in Baucau’s district in May, 24th 2008 through its first local conference held in Betani/Bethany IPTL (Igreja Protestante iha Timor - Leste) church attended by 36 people from students, youth representing different local churches, senior friends and some church leaders.

During the gathering, participants had been given opportunity to share their ideas and expectations on joining the MEC-TL. Most of the participants just heard for the first time about SCM and the ecumenical movement but they expressed their enthusiasm to learn more about SCM and the ecumenical movement. Before the first gathering of Baucau’s local unit there was a working group preparation who had organized the bible study’s group among students and church youth. Another expectations from participants to join MEC-TL were that they want to learn about leadership and improve their capacity in terms of the skill of English speaking and computer practice as many of the students are studying in the university hence they thought that improving their language skill and computer skill would be very helpful to them.

The new leaders of Baucau’s local unit appointed through its first gathering were four people, two men and two women (Mr. Lorenco da Rosa, chairperson Mr. Abrao Pinto, Vice chairperson, Ms. Agustinho Belon, Secretary, Ms. Isabel de Fatima treasurer The number of members were 36 people from junior high school students, college students and young adult church youth background.

In addition, in May, 21-23, 2008 some members of MEC-TL were actively involved in the committee of Timor-Leste Inter religious forum who organized the national conference under the theme “Sofrimento no Perdaun” (Suffering and Forgiveness). The SCM TL members who are also the member of the church have been trying to realize their commitment to work on peace and justice issue within their national context of struggle.

In July 2004 MEC-TL was established in Dili by 71 university student, church youths and senior friends and became an associated member of the World Student Christian Federation through the 33rd of the WSCF General Assembly held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and it was participated by Mr. Antonio B.S da Silva, Chairperson.

MEC-TL progressively witnessed in its history in national, regional and global level through the joint efforts and advises from regional officers and blessed and committed person who was Ms. Nian Nayoan, Indonesian; she has transferred her skills and knowledge to future leadership of SCM-TL since 2006­2008 as well and will be continue to do the intensive movement building in 2009 under the continuation support of Front Interim Mission.