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Student Christian Movement Timor Leste (SCM TL)
Movimento Estudante Cristao Timor Leste

SCM-TL organizes Ecumenical Leadership Training

January 30 - February 2, 2008

The Ecumenical Leadership Training Programme was held from 30 January - 2 February 2008 at OISCA Training Centre in Maubara, Liquica District. 30 people—12 female and 18 male participants representing SCM, YMCA, the Frontiers, FOSCA Catholic youth, Nazarene’s youth center, IPTL church, youth from Baucau and Liquica districts attended the training programme.

The Objectives of the programme was: to enable young Timorese to learn and understand about ecumenism: the concept, history and the challenges of the global ecumenical movement and in the context of Timor Leste; to enable young Timorese to learn and practice the ecumenical leadership also learn about the skill to critically analyze the issues of Socio-economic political and cultural in the context of Timor Leste.

This training helped the participants to understand the concept, history and challenges of ecumenical youth movement towards creating a just-society.