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Movimento Estudante Cristao Timor Leste

Movement Building Workshop in SCM Timor Leste

June 9-16, 2005

As discussed and agreed in the last Standing Committee meeting, Nina Nayoan, ExCo member of WSCF AP, and Yock Leng, Regional Women’s Coordinator, were in Timor Leste on 9-16 June 2005 to facilitate a Workshop on Movement Building for SCM Timor Leste. Yock Leng and Nina conducted the workshop on the dates mentioned and Nina will stay on for another month until 28 July 2005 to follow-up with plans and programmes that have been identified by the SCMers during the one week’s workshop.

The objectives outlined by SCM TL on this workshop are:

  1. To share the vision and mission of WSCF and SCM
  2. To develop the human resources in SCM TL through capacity building trainings
  3. To open students’ mind in critical thinking and questioning
  4. to facilitate and assist students in their various problems faced in studies as well as in the life of communities

The goal for this process of Movement Building in SCM TL:

  • to cultivate a pool of leaders in SCM TL

Hence, the 15 participants to this workshop were identified as active members and heavily involved in the life of SCM TL and are perceived to be future leaders in the SCM.

The outline of the workshop is as follows:

  1. Orientation of Work Plan to SCM TL and Meeting with Staff and ExCo members of SCM TL to discuss on Work Plan
  2. Visioning of SCM TL and connecting this visioning to the following session on:
    - Mission and Vision of WSCF and SCM
    - Programme Emphasis of WSCF AP and the SCM
  3. Church and the SCM – Theology and Social Concern/Social Politics, and the Ecumenical Perspective of SCM
  4. Skills Training on Programme Planning + Direction (Needs Identifying), Programme Implementation, Programme Evaluation
  5. Skills Training on Facilitation and Holding Discussion Groups
  6. Skills on Recruitment of Students
  7. Office Administration:
    - Networking Skills
    - Fund Raising Skills
  8. Management Skills on:
    - Programme Proposal Writing and Programme Reporting
    - Programme Accounting and Budgetting
  9. Staff + Committee Members – Role and Relationship
    - Styles of Leadership and Decision Making
  10. Stimulating Critical Thinking – Using Social Analysis as a tool
  11. Evaluation of Workshop and Planning together on working with Nina

Evaluation of the Workshop

The participants found the workshop helpful particularly on the session on Programme Proposal Writing and Reporting, Skills on Networking and Fund Raising, Budgetting and Skills on Facilitating Group Discussion. These are very practical skills that they could make use of when doing programme direction and thrust for the SCM. Moreover, the participants pointed out that the majority of East Timorese have not been given many opportunities to receive management skills and training as well as making social analysis independently under the colonial rules of the Portuguese and the Indonenesian military government. Hence, sessions such as discussion on different styles of leadership and using social analysis as a tool to critical thinking and critiqueing the concerns and issues of the country, are very valuable and helpful for many SCMers in SCM Timor Leste to work towards rebuilding a just, fair and equal society.

Follow-Up Plans

On the last day of the workshop, the participants sat together with Nina to work on the follow-up programmes and plans for the next month. After identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and needs, the participants and Nina decided to:

  1. meet once a week for Bible Study where Nina will emphasize on the importance of ecumenism and the theological perspective of social analysis;
  2. using lessons in the workshop to work practically on 2 projects:
    • the EAP project on Developing the Role of the Students and Youths in the Peace Building Process of Timor Leste in the Context of Ecumenism and the Ecumenical Movement in SCM Timor Leste;
    • Women’s Programme in SCM Timor Leste

Particularly, the EAP project will be a series of discussions among the SCMers in the following months with the intention to conduct a workshop based on the EAP theme in the month of November. Initial discussions saw possibilities to include members of the Catholic Church as well as the YMCA in Timor Leste.