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Taiwan Student Christian Movement (TSCM)

Taiwan SCM joined hold hands
in the call for democracy

February 28, 2004

More than a million and a half people joined hands on 28 February 2004 to form a 500-kilometer long human chain spanning the length of Taiwan. This massive anti-China protest was an unprecedented and historical milestone in Taiwan’s democratic movement. Its turnout and manifestation of peace and joy surpassed the expectations of the governing Democratic Progressive Party.

About 35 thousand church members of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and 300 Taiwan SCMers joined in the historic and meaningful activity. Through songs, slogans and posters, we demonstrated that the people on this island seeking for peace, love and justice, and determine to protect the security of our homeland from any form of external threats.

The rally also marked a clear shift in the focal point of the 20th March presidential election. Because the demonstration highlighted peace and the defense of Taiwan against China’s missiles rather than issues of ethnicity, it transcended the traditional symbolism with the 2-28 commemorations and transformed the election into a vote on cross-strait issues instead of purely domestic considerations.