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Taiwan Student Christian Movement (TSCM)

Be the Light & Do the Justice:
The Second TSCM Training Programme

July 1-8, 2002

The second Taiwan Student Christian Movement Training was held on 1-8 July 2002, with 60 participants. The programme included basic training for the new participants and re-training for those who had passed basic training last year.

The training, which was called Canadian Urban Training Project for Christian Services (CUT), served to fulfill the two purposes of the Urban Rural Mission (URM) – “Empowerment of People” and “Organising people for power in order to restore God’s image and human dignity in us”. Most of the participants are TSCMers and are of different races, occupations and ages. The programme also invited some foreign friends: exiled Tibet people from India and a Canadian sociology teacher. In the TSCM camp, there was no barrier between countries because the motivation of TSCM was to strive for freedom and dignity with love, justice and peace.

The speaker Dr. Ed File is a sociologist and pastor who sees Taiwan people as his brothers and sisters. He came to Taiwan for several times since 1983 to spread the idea of URM and to introduce CUT to the Taiwanese. Under Dr. File’s facilitation, 60 participants learned ways to transform social concerns into concrete action while relating them to their faith. Some of the participants’ concerns were: “Education”, “Nucleus Issues”, “Unemployment Problems caused by the move of Taiwan Industries”, “Drug Abuse of Juveniles”, “Decision Making Power of the Aboriginals” and “Recognition of Taiwan as a Nation”.

During the training programme, the focus and analysis were on the two structures of “bureaucratic system” and “to achieve our ultimate goal—the image of God’s kingdom”. Dr. File required every participant to understand the Constitutions of government organisation, so that any defects could be detected and changed. In each proceeding step, Dr. File emphasised that only with a non-violent, peaceful resistance of “love, strength and justice” can be used by the social movement to fulfill the reign of God.