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SCM Sri Lanka Holds National School Camp 2009

“Let us live”

September 18-21, 2009

The SCM Sri Lanka Annual School Camp for the Year 2009 was held from 18th to 21st of September at Hillwood Kandy. Eighty (80) school students from the different parts of Sri Lanka participated in this Camp. They mainly represented the units of Kandy, Colombo, Hewadiwela, Hatton, Galle, Bandarawella, and Trincomalee. Apart from the student participants, members of the SCM Executive Committee & senior friends joined hands together in order to make the Camp a success.

National School Camp 2009

The main aim of the 2009 Camp was to give the students a clear understanding of the following topics; Our Responsibility, Leadership, Relationships, Denominations, HIV/AIDS and Migration Issue. The Camp was conducted according to a pre-structured time table and each activity had a goal to improve the skills & capabilities of the participants. Activities were planned to improve the presentation skills, communication skills, skills of being efficient (finish a task within a specified time period) responsible and being active and also sharing and building friendships with students from different parts of Sri Lanka. The Opening Worship was based on the topic, “The Christian at present and the relationship with the Bible”. A bible study session based on the topic Responsibility was conducted by Rev. Father Lalith Lakshandrakumar. The students were given a wide knowledge on Christian responsibility in the society focusing on respecting individuals with love and kindness despite their ethical or religious differences.

The above session was followed by a workshop on Leadership which was conducted by Mr. Anuradha Jayaweera a senior student of the Peradeniya University. He clearly explained the importance of leadership and how to improve leadership skills with specific goals & visions in life. Students actively participated by engaging in writing activities and expressing their views. The session was concluded by conducting games, and students enjoyed themselves very much while adding lessons to their lives from each game.

Students were introduced to a session which educated them on the Migrant issue. The Caritas-SETIK Team conducted the session along with few affected persons. A short movie of 30 min, called “ARABI GADARA LAMAYA” meaning “the child of the Arabian House” was initially presented as a provision to the discussion. After a general explanation by the representatives of the SETIK Team, students were divided into groups and each affected person joined a group to share their experiences. The second Bible Study was conducted by Ms. Dayanthi Samaranayake on the topic of Relationships. A vivid explanation was given on different types of relationships and improving our relationships in the light of God to be an example to the Society.

Ms. Shriyani Munasinghe of NCC SL conducted a session on HIV/AIDS and several relate sexual diseases. She educated the students of being aware of the current topic and how to prevent from becoming a victim.

Rev. Fr. Keerthisiri Fernando, a lecturer of Theological College of Lanka conducted a session on the topic Denomination. The history and formation of different Christian churches were clearly explained and students were given a time to raise questions on the related topic.

Students were asked to give a feedback regarding the camp and its programmes conducted throughout the past 3days. Then the students were divided into groups according to their units and were asked to discuss about their future plans of organizing unit programmes and what topics they are interested in gaining knowledge on when they meet as units.

Finally, the closing worship took place bringing everyone together, while each shared the same food and drank the same water remembering the togetherness of Jesus Christ and his Disciples at the Last Supper. Beautiful songs along with the musical instruments touched each person’s heart and finally the School Camp for year 2009 closed with happiness of being united in the name of God but with a bit of sadness to leave the friends who have been together for the past three days.