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Inter Ethnic University Study Programme 2008

Inter Ethnic University Study ProgrammeThe Inter Ethnic University program was mainly focused on university students in the country as we see the University community, a place filled with great potential, yet a place that remains divided by ethnicity, color, religion and culture.

As Christian students who share a multi-ethnic and inter denominational background, we believe that sharing of experiences and empathizing towards each other’s situations and such expressions have to develop among the Sri Lankan Student Community.

Inter Ethnic University Study ProgrammeThis is very important because if the gap widens continuously it will affect the Sri Lankan Intellectual discourse. Also, we feel that in order to bring about lasting peace we need that to involve them.

Hence, we formed the University Study group whose orientation program was held on September 28, 2008 at EISD. A workshop was organized for the students.

Inter Ethnic University Study ProgrammeThis study group will have three exposure programs in the South, East and the Hill Country. The first exposure program was held on November 2-6 at Nuwera Eliya Hill Country, where 25 students were exposed to the living patterns and the problem of that community.