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SCM Sri Lanka holds School Camp 2005

"Present situation of the future student"

September 16-19, 2005

School Camp 2005The SCM Sri Lanka School Camp was held from the 16th-19th of September 2005 at the Salvation Army Camping Center in Raumbukkana. Approximately 65 Students from different parts of the Island participated in this event. The theme for this year was "Present situation of the future student".

At present Sri Lanka is faced with manifold crises. Sri Lankans have to experience various economic, social and cultural pressures, the education system too does not cater to the requirements of the society. All this shows that students will have to face an uncertain and insecure future.

The Camp also discussed other sub themes:

  1. The Future Student in present Sri Lanka;
  2. God's teaching in a peaceful Society;
  3. The result of an open economy and globalization;
  4. Hope of the student;
  5. The responsibility of students in a global society

The objectives of the School Camp were as follows:

  • to reveal the problems that the student has to face in present Sri Lanka;
  • to reveal to the students what steps they need to take in order to overcome the manifold hurdles that they are faced with;
  • to reveal to the students how we could put into practice Christ's teachings.

School Camp 2005The following questions were also raised during the Camp: ‘what is open economy and globalization?’ to reveal to the students how it will affect them. ‘What hope do students have at this present time?’ to reveal the challenges the Students have to face. What are the responsibilities of students in a society that has been caught up in globalization. To reveal to the student how we should live as Christians in a mixed society, i.e. multireligious/multiracial society.

The School Camp likewise held a panel discussion on the religious contributions under the theme of Student and Faith.