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Student Christian Movement Sri Lanka (SCMSL)

Annual Prayer Day, General Meeting,
and Women's Programme 2003

The Annual Prayer Day

February 9, 2003

SCM SL Annual Prayer Day was held at the Peradeniya University Chapel on the 9 February 2003 under the theme of Student and Violence. This theme was selected as Sri Lanka has been experiencing violence between students especially in the Universities. There were 45 students from all over the island who participated in this prayer. The prayers were also for all SCM units over the world, especially for the students who have experienced violence.

Annual General Meeting

March 1, 2003

The AGM was held at St. Emmanuel’s Church Hall, Moratuwa on 1 March 2003 and was participated by 60 students and 15 senior friends from all over island. The new Chairperson for the year 2003/2004 is Samuel Ponniah and the new General Secretary is Tharaka Muthuthanthri while the treasurer is Nirmala Jayawardhana.

Women’s Programme

April 29 - May 1, 2003

SCM Sri Lanka will be holding its national women’s programme from 29 April - 1 May 2003 in Colombo and the theme is “Daughter Arise”. 20-25 young women leaders from the different units of SCM SL are expected to participate in this women’s programme.

In this programme, the women will share on their personal experience of gender discrimination either experienced personally or in the community they live in, and identify the causes of gender discrimination and oppression. There will also be a Bible Study from women’s perspective. SCM SL has invited Ms. Yong Ting Jin and Yock Leng, the Regional Women’s Coordinator, to be the resource persons for this programme.