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Student Christian Movement Sri Lanka (SCMSL)

Inter Ethnic University Programme 2003

September 26 - October 3, 2003

SCM SL organised an Inter Ethnic University Programme from the 26 September - 3 October, under the theme, “Reconciliation”.

The main objective of this programme was to build a strong relationship among the university students all over the Island hence university students from Jaffna (North of Sri-Lanka) also participated in this programme. The programme was held in two parts.

The first part was held at St Margaret’s Convent in Colombo from the 26-29 September and the second part was held in Kandy, from the 30 September - 3 October. We were able to have discussions, Bible studies, inputs and workshops on issues of Reconciliation, Student Issues, lessons from Conflict in the Bible, Conflict and Gender, Effects of War, Federalism and Conflict Transformation.

The Students also had an exposure to Non Governmental Organisations. The second stage of this programme will be held in January 2004 in Jaffna where the University students from the South of Sri Lanka will travel to the North.