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SCM Philippines leads strike against education budget cut

December 1, 2010

SCM Philippines leads strike against education budget cutThe Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP) is one of the Convenors of KILOS NA Laban sa Budget Cut (ACT AGAINST BUDGET CUT, a broad alliance nationwide of students, Teachers, and academic workers) against the proposed budget cut of new Aquino government by 1.1 billion pesos affecting most of the state universities and colleges nationwide.

From the announcement of the cuts, SCMP together with various national student and youth groups lobbied from the start in the Philippine Congress opposing as it is a direct attack to the people’s right to education. SCMP held various activities and consciousness-raising regarding the state of education in the Philippines and the current predicament of budget cut, state abandonment of responsibility to education and commercialization of education.

SCM Philippines leads strike against education budget cutThe cuts are seen as trailing the IMF-WB imposed neo-liberal policy of privatization of services like education among others.

The Strike which was called in main universities in Metro Manila and many state universities and colleges from November 25-26 was successful and mobilized around 20,000 students in the capital alone.

On December 1, 2010 thousands of students, youth and academics marched in solidarity to the Senate to demand the restoration of the cuts during the Senate deliberations of budget.

As a result, the government was forced to admit the demand and restore portions of the slash in the education budget.