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Visayas All Leaders Conference Held

February 11-12, 2006

Visayas All Leaders Conference HeldOn one rainy weekend of 11-12 February, the Bohol, Tacloban and Samar chapters of SCM Philippines-Visayas held an All Leaders' Conference to discuss the breakthroughs of chapter-building in the said provinces. The conference assessed and evaluated the chapters' concerns with regards to consolidating and expanding its membership. It also focused on how to further develop the modes of organising as well as enhance the skills of leaders and members to exercise the rich dynamism of SCMP.

Two of the chapters which attended, Tagbilaran City (Bohol) and Calbayog City (Samar), were formed only November last year. Meanwhile, the Tacloban City chapter is on its period of strengthening and further expanding its membership. All three chapters are city-wide in nature, and are very active in their local and national campaigns especially on issues of human rights and youth concerns.

The All Leaders Conference, which was facilitated by the National Executive Committee through SCMP Secretary General Ma. Cristina Guevarra, formed resolutions for the chapters to immediately hold their respective General Assemblies and present targets for expansion such as building school chapters in the cities where there are already more than 10 members.