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SCM Philippines calls for
President Arroyo to step down

SCM Philippines calls for President Arroyo to step downThe SCM Philippines was one of the active participating movements in the recent demand by the Philippines' social movements for Philippines' president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to resign from corruption, election fraud and human rights violation charges.

The massive demonstration was organised on the eve of the first People Power that brought down then president, Ferdinand Marcos who was accused of corruption. However, Arroyo declared a state of emergency on the demonstration day to stop all the rallies, monitored the media as well as arrested opposition leaders. The state of emergency raised much alarm as it resembles the unforgettable dictatorship of the Marcos' era.

Although the state of emergency has now been lifted, the social movements have yet given up their cause and call for Arroyo to step down as it was reported that rates of human rights violations and murdering of political activists were higher in the Arroyo's presidency than in previous ones.

SCM Philippines will continue to step up its energy in joining the Philippines social movements in this precarious yet needed hour. For more information on the Philippines situation, please contact them at scmp_national[at]