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SCM Pakistan Organized the Capacity Building Program for Students in Lahore

March 14-15, 2009

Capacity Building Program for Students
Participants from various parts of Lahore attended
the capacity building programme sponsored by
SCM Pakistan. Around 25 students and youth

SCM Pakistan organized a two day seminar on Capacity Building for students at Naulakha Lahore on March 14-15, 2009. Around 25 students from all the units of SCM Pakistan participated in the seminar.

The terms “capacity building” and “capacity development” are used in numerous contexts to describe a wide array of activities. “Capacity building” is the “process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world,” said Mr. Sohail Akhtar while introducing the programme. During evaluation, it was strongly felt that the students/youth need more opportunities for their development and these opportunities can minimize the gap between the youth/students and the church.

Capacity Building Program for Students Rev. Dr. Majid Abel facilitated the session on The Role of Church for Youth Development. He said that the youth is the most integral part of the church community and the purpose of church is to develop the youth. The youth ministry’s purpose is to point them towards God and help them in following God’s commission. Young people should be felt very much as part of the Church and Church should help youth to make them understand the important issues within the Church and in general and Church has a lead role in preparing youth for future leadership.

Mr. Suleman Abdiah facilitated the session on The Role of SCM in Leadership Building. He said SCM Pakistan provides a platform where students can express their views and can enhance their leadership skills, become more aware of ongoing situation around their surroundings. SCM trains and equips Christian youth of Pakistan to come in the mainstream of ecumenical work to strive for peace, social justice, humanity, interfaith harmony and gender equality. SCM plays a vital role in building the Christian leadership of Pakistan. Presently SCM has seven units all around Pakistan, and has 700 students as members.

Prof. Hanook highlighted various social, political and economic issues in Pakistan during the session on Socio economic and political situation of Pakistan and the role of students for community development. He said that the students should have leadership skills, their vision should be clear, are able to remove blockages and are flexible, able to transfer power and share resources, reliable and creative, good listeners, open to criticism, energetic.

End of the programme the participants recommended the following suggestions for the future work of SCM Pakistan.

  • Small working groups should be established for execution of the programmes & for sharing of information with each others.
  • Participation of all SCM Units & other students oriented organizations.
  • Encourage and motivate students for their active involvement in SCM.
  • Gender balance should be maintained.
  • Theological reflections and spiritual nourishment should be a strong part of SCM activities.
  • Sense of responsibility is increased by the participants for the upliftment of the community, hence the local Churches may take steps to tap their local resources and create enough space for the second line leadership.