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SCM Pakistan Holds Capacity Building Program
for Students and Youth in Khanspur

August 3-9, 2009

Capacity Building Program for Students and YouthSCM has always played a vital role in building the Christian leadership in Pakistan. The SCM trains and equips the Christian youth to actively participate in the life of mainstream churches, in ecumenical work and strive for just causes. In the crux of the political and economic instability prevailing in Pakistan, the strong development of the youth is required by which they can be equipped to cope with difficulties arising from these social factors and SCM Pakistan responds to this through the Capacity Building Program.

SCM Pakistan held a week-long seminar on Capacity Building for Students at Ecumenical Centre Khanspur, NWFP on August 3-9. Forty students from all SCM Pakistan units participated. The aims of the Seminar were: to grow in understanding of the word of God to strengthen the faith of students; youth motivation through practical capacity building program; demonstration of leadership skills required for the capacity building; emphasis on the capacity building of the students especially the female students, as they are not given opportunity to lead in Christian and national leadership due to the cultural taboos.

Resource persons invited were: Pastor Saleem Bashir for opening worship, bible study on Capacity Building and session on Community Based initiatives for Development; Mr. Mohsin Zia for Gender & Development; Mr. Suleman Abdiah for Development Approaches & Sustainable Development; Mr. Ezra Shujat for Communication Skills and Qualities of Youth Leadership in present scenario.

Pastor Saleem Bashir said that “when we talk about development, the first thing that we should think about is the change we can bring about in the community. If a person in a family accepts a positive change, it leads him to development. Similarly if the whole family accepts that change, this leads them to development as well. And if the whole community accepts a positive change, the change leads them to community development.” All the participants said that they benefited from the program and will transfer the knowledge to other Christians.