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2011 Movement News highlights ...


SCM Nepal logoSCM Nepal to hold
capacity building for youth

SCM Nepal held a meeting to plan for a Capacity Building Program for Church Youth/Students Leaders on the 1st week of December in Kathmandu. They have elected the following members of its Executive Committee: [read on]


Indonesian SCM takes efforts
for religious freedom vs. corruption

August 18, 2011Indonesian SCM takes efforts for religious freedom vs. corruption

Indonesian Student Christian Movement (ISCM) organized a nationally coordinated action on August 18, 2011 to uphold religious freedom and fight corruption. This action was held as a form of concern about the condition of the nation and the State, many of the problems and the various injustices that cause public unrest stems from weak law enforcement. [read on]


ASCM National Conference 2011

The Revolution of Small: Freed from Success

Report by Ann NgASCM National Conference 2011

It’s only been 20 years or more since I attended an SCM conference but National Conference 2011 in Perth organized by the WA SCMers was like ‘coming home’. There was the same exploration of faith issues, intellectual rigour, lots of discussion and information sharing, fellowship, good food and a slowly growing, binding sense of something good happening. [read on]


A Message from Student YMCA/SCM of Japan

August 2011
by Sayuri Mori
A Message from Student YMCA/SCM of Japan

Student YMCA/Japan SCM appreciates the sincere concern, support and prayers for Japan from all over the world. We feel the strong solidarity of the SCMs and your warm prayers. We believe our solidarity will encourage the people of Tohoku area to rebuild their lives and our SCM members to continue helping the victims of the Earthquake. [read on]


KSCF and EYCK held First
Asia Ecumenical Trekking in Indo-China

We are letter from Christ (2 Corinthians 3:3)

July 4-22, 2011
by Park Byung Chul, KSCF Staff for University Work

KSCF and EYCK held First Asia Ecumenical Trekking in Indo-ChinaThe Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF) held its first Asia Ecumenical Trekking as international program last July 4 to 22, 2011. This programs was organized with the EYCK (Ecumenical Youth of Council in Korea) to rebuild the Youth-Student organization for a year. It aims to draw the strength of both organizations as an international network belonging to the ecumenical movement. [read on]


Ecumenical Students’ Peace Declaration
of the Student Christian Movement of India

May 12, 2011
Participants of the National Fellowship Peace Convocation of SCM India

Participants of the National Fellowship Peace Convocation of SCM IndiaIn resonance with the culmination of WCC’s Decade to Overcome Violence at the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation to be held at Kingston, Jamaica during May 17-25, 2011, we seventy Dalit and Adivasi Students representing the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), join the global ecumenical communities in offering our solidarity and commitment as they contemplate on ‘Glory to God and Peace on Earth’, for the cause of peace and justice in our conflict ridden society, and thereby offer this Peace Declaration. [read on]

SCM India participates in the Day of Protest
and Hunger Strike on Schedule Caste

by Inbaraj JeyakumarDay of Protest and Hunger Strike on Schedule Caste

SCMI members along with program staffs stood for the cause of Dalit Christians and Muslims and participated in a Three Days Hunger strike in Delhi organized by the National Coordination Committee for Dalit Christians (NCCDC) & National Council of Dalit Christians (NCDC). [read on]


Say No! Violence against Women Workshop
“International Elimination Day of Violence against Women”

Violence against Women WorkshopSCM Japan/Student YMCA Japan organized a workshop to commemorate the “International Elimination Day of Violence against Women”.

First, the participants introduced themselves to one another. Misato Sasaki and a staff then briefly shared about the WSCF AP’s campaign on theme. Expectations were then shared afterwards. [read on]


Revd. Bharat is new SCM India General Secretary

Revd. Raj Bharat PattaMarch 2011

Revd. Raj Bharat Patta, is the new General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement of India.

An ordained presbyter in the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bharat, as he is affectionately called by his friends, has an M.Th in Christian Theology and two M.A.s in Philosophy and Contextual Theology. [read on]


Bangladesh SCM holds 22nd Central Assembly 2011 and
Central Women’s Sub-committee Assembly

February 24-28, 2011

22nd Central AssemblyThe 22nd Central Assembly of the Bangladesh SCM was held on 24-27 February 2011 at the Caritas Training Center, Dhaka. Fifty delegates from different units including the Central Executive Members and observers participated in the Assembly. [read on]

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SCM Nepal holds successfully its formation meeting

SCM Nepal holds successfully its formation meetingDecember 27-28, 2010

On December 27-28, 2010, the SCM Nepal conducted a committee formation meeting attended by more than 30 students in Kathmandu, Nepal. There, they developed a plan for the year 2011, namely: Workshop on Carrier Planning and Personality Development (April), Peace & Unity Program (June), Capacity Building Program for Youth Leaders (Globalization, Impact of Climate Change, Water Rights, Peace & Politics, Media, Human Rights, HIV/AIDs) (September), and Worship Camp (November). [read on]


SCM Philippines leads strike against education budget cut

SCM Philippines leads strike against education budget cutDecember 1, 2010

The Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP) is one of the Convenors of KILOS NA Laban sa Budget Cut (ACT AGAINST BUDGET CUT, a broad alliance nationwide of students, Teachers, and academic workers) against the proposed budget cut of new Aquino government by 1.1 billion pesos affecting most of the state universities and colleges nationwide. [read on]

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar SCM observes 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence
"To End Men’s Violence against Women and Children"

November 25, 2010

Myanmar SCM observed the “16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence” on the theme “To End Men’s Violence against Women and Children". Held on 25 November 2010 in Yangon, around 400 participants attended the forum that discussed the reality of gender violence and how women continue to suffer from it until present time. [read on]

Sri Lanka

SCM SL Holds Annual School Camp at Rabbukkana
"Students Are Leaders"

Annual School CampAugust 6-10, 2010

SCM SL organized the annual school camp from 6th-10th August 2010 at Salvation Army Center, Rabbukkana Under the theme of “Students Are Leaders”. About 60 students and four teachers gathered from various units. [read on]

Hong Kong

SCM HK Dialogues with Dr. K.C. Abraham
"Challenges and Prospects of Ecumenism and Ecumenical Movements"

Dialogues with Dr. K.C. AbrahamMarch 22, 2010

The Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong organized a mini-forum to have a dialogue with Dr. K.C. Abraham on the topic Challenges and Prospects of Ecumenism and Ecumenical Movements. Around 15 SCM members gathered on 22nd March at the WSCF AP office in Hong Kong. [read on]

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Taiwan SCM Students’ Ministry to the Victims of Typhoon Morakot

Taiwan SCM Students’ Ministry to the Victims of Typhoon MorakotAugust 11, 2009

On August 7th, 2009, Typhoon Morakot slammed into Taiwan with strong wind and heavy rain, causing severe damage to the property and human life in the southern part of Taiwan. Many people lost their houses and loved ones in an instant. There were mud slides in the mountain areas. In an aboriginal village, Namasha, for instance, people were buried in the mud; roads were cut off because of the flood. For several days, many people did not know whereabouts of their loved ones. Many saw their house washed away and their loved ones devoured by flood water. [read on]


The History of Our Activism

August 2009, by Avril Hannah-Jones

Like thousands of others, my faith was challenged at university. The challenge came from two directions. Studying women’s history and feminist legal theory had me wondering why I was still part of the patriarchal church. And the popular student Christian groups on the University of Melbourne campus dismayed me with their conservatism and intolerance. There seemed to be no middle way between atheism and fundamentalism.

Hong Kong

HK SCMers join anti-speed rail rally

HK SCMers join anti-speed rail rallyHong Kong SCMers joined the Post 80s Anti-Express Railway Group to stop the legislative council members to pass the budget proposal. Kneeling every 26 steps, we urged the government and legislative council members to stop and think before they built the most expensive railway in the world—66.9 billion Hong Kong dollars (8.6 billion US dollars) for 26 kilometers long railway. [read on]


Training of Trainers of GMKI Leadership System

May-June 2009

The Gereka Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI) or SCM Indonesia’s Basic Leadership Training System [BLTS] is a standard system and curriculum that is implemented in every GMKI branch. The system is designed to respond to the need of highly qualified GMKI leaders. The major principles of BLTS can be concluded into three basic concepts: spirituality, integrity and professionalism. In implementing the system, GMKI conducted the Training of Trainers [ToT] of Basic Leadership Training System every first year of the period. [read on]


Bangladesh SCM holds Workshop on Resolving Gap of Gender Disparity

May 14-17, 2009

The National Women Sub-committee of Bangladesh Student Christian Movement organized a Women Workshop on May 14-17 at the Community Health and Natural Family Planning in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. [read on]


SCM Pakistan Holds Capacity Building Program in Khanspur

Capacity Building Program for Students and YouthAugust 3-9, 2009

SCM has always played a vital role in building the Christian leadership in Pakistan. The SCM trains and equips the Christian youth to actively participate in the life of mainstream churches, in ecumenical work and strive for just causes. [read on]

SCM Pakistan Organized the Capacity Building Program in Lahore

Capacity Building Program for Students March 14-15, 2009

SCM Pakistan organized a two day seminar on Capacity Building for students at Naulakha Lahore on March 14-15, 2009. Around 25 students from all the units of SCM Pakistan participated in the seminar. [read on]

Timor Leste

Third Ecumenical Leadership Training on Ecumenism and Dialogue

Ecumenical Leadership Training on Ecumenism and DialogueMarch 19-22, 2009

SCM Timor Leste organized the 3rd Ecumenical Leadership Training on 19-22 March 2009 at IPTL Betania Church in Vila Nova, Baucau District. 43 people participated in the said training, representing SCM, YMCA, the Frontiers, Catholic youth, Nazarene’s youth center, IPTL and Assembly of God’s church youth from Baucau and Buruma village. [read on]

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EASYNet in the Philippines

November 27-30, 2008

EASYNet in the PhilippinesNovember 27, 2008 WALK FOR PEACE – EASYNet Davao attended the walk for peace initiated by Archdiocese of Davao. Youth from the YMCA, SCA, SCMP and ecumenical partners joined the said event. It was the start of the dynamic involvement of EASYNet-Davao in the Minadanao Peace issues. [read on]

Timor Leste

SCM Timor Leste Forms 2 Local Units

SCM Timor Leste Forms 2 Local UnitsMay 24, 2008

The new local unit of SCM Timor-Leste was formed in Baucau’s district in May, 24th 2008 through its first local conference held in Betani/Bethany IPTL (Igreja Protestante iha Timor - Leste) church attended by 36 people from students, youth representing different local churches, senior friends and some church leaders. [read on]


Thailand SCMers raised concerns on tourism
and its impact on environment during the Work Camp

Work CampMarch 14-18, 2008

11 students and 2 staffs traveled to the mountain, Ban Wat Chan School in the Buddhist Karen Village, about 4 hours journey from Chiangmai city. The group lived with the families in the village from 14-18 March, and helped the community to build a new kitchen for the school. [read on]


Cambodia SCM celebrated the International Women’s Day
by creating awareness on prevention of domestic violence against women in Dong village

International Women’s DayMarch 8, 2008

On the 8th of March celebrating the commemoration of the ‘International Women’s Day’ CSCM traveled to Dong village—one of the remotest villages of south of Phnom Penh of Cambodia to raise awareness among the local villages who geographically and financially do not always have access to resources and ideas to improve the living standards of women and children. [read on]

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KSCF Launches Internship Program 2007
“We are one of Asia”

KSCF on Myanmar“We are one of Asia” is the theme of KSCF’s internship programs launched this year focusing on peace and women. The internship program aims to awaken the students to the realities of peace, woman’s situation and the ecumenical movement in Asia. It also aims to animate students to involve in these issues in the Korean context. The Peace internship will focus on the situation in Myanmar and Southeast Asia for the next few years. [read on]


Golden Jubilee Celebration of Bangladesh SCM

Golden Jubilee CelebrationOctober 18, 2007 - February 8, 2008

Bangladesh SCM has planned series of activities to celebrate this auspicious occasion, which will be carried out from 18 October 2007 to 08 February 2008 (Four months) at 9 different region of Bangladesh: Barisal, Dhaka, Jessore, Faridpur, Pabna, Kushtia, Khulna, Savar and Meherpur. [read on]

Aotearoa / New Zealand

Exploitation: Challenging the New Slaveries

January 2007

SCM Aotearoa is looking forward to an exciting year with a new national programme titled “Exploitation: Challenging the New Slaveries”. This programme will cover exploitation of the environment and of people, particularly sex-tourism, climate change and relating these with the insights found the bible. SCMA believes that people and the environment deserve to be treated with care and respect, and that everyone should be given an equal deal. With this programme, SCMA wants to raise people’s awareness and try to promote a conscious and compassionate way of living in the world. [read on]

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SCM Philippines calls for President Arroyo to step down

SCM Philippines calls for President Arroyo to step downThe SCM Philippines was one of the active participating movements in the recent demand by the Philippines' social movements for Philippines' president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to resign from corruption, election fraud and human rights violation charges. The massive demonstration was organised on the eve of the first People Power that brought down then president, Ferdinand Marcos who was accused of corruption. [read on]


Interfaith and Human Rights workshops,
protest against AFSPA, and future programs

October-December 2006

During 20th-23rd October, we had an SCMI-HMI Interfaith Workshop in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The theme was: “Christian Spirituality in Pluralistic Religious Context: Understanding Islam”. There was a good participation from the different areas, and all the participants were actively engaged during the workshop. It was fortunate that the Henry Martyn Institute (HMI) could co-organise the workshop. The HMI is an ecumenical centre that caters as a training and community development centre and offers courses on Islamic studies. [read on]


Executive Meeting 2006 and other activities

January-April 2007

ASCM bi annual executive meeting was held in Brisbane in January at the Australian Catholic University. This meeting was a time of shared reflection, worship, prayer and song during which SCMers from all active states met to facilitate the business and life of ASCM. This meeting was the first carbon neutral meeting of the ASCM with a resolution being passed to purchase carbon offsets to neutralise the carbon emitted by our air travel to the meeting. [read on]

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Sri Lanka

SCM Sri Lanka holds School Camp 2005
"Present situation of the future student"

School Camp 2005September 16-19, 2005

The SCM Sri Lanka School Camp was held from the 16th-19th of September 2005 at the Salvation Army Camping Center in Raumbukkana. Approximately 65 Students from different parts of the Island participated in this event. The theme for this year was "Present situation of the future student". [read on]

Timor Leste

Movement Building Workshop in SCM Timor Leste

June 9-16, 2005

As discussed and agreed in the last Standing Committee meeting, Nina Nayoan, ExCo member of WSCF AP, and Yock Leng, Regional Women’s Coordinator, were in Timor Leste on 9-16 June 2005 to facilitate a Workshop on Movement Building for SCM Timor Leste. Yock Leng and Nina conducted the workshop on the dates mentioned and Nina will stay on for another month until 28 July 2005 to follow-up with plans and programmes that have been identified by the SCMers during the one week’s workshop. [read on]

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Timor Leste

First National Congress

July 16-17, 2004

The first national congress of SCM Timor Leste took place on 16-17 July 2004. The national congress finalise three important areas of SCM TL. They are: [read on]


SCM Singapore holds 29th Annual General Meeting, goes on retreat

May-June 2004

SCM Singapore held its 29th Annual General Meeting on 16 May 2004. The main purpose for the meeting was to evaluate programmes that were implemented in 2003-2004 and to elect a new set of Executive Committee members for 2004-2005. [read on]

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Prayer for Peace, Study Seminar, and Women Leadership Training

In the ecumenical spirit and partnership, the Myanmar Ecumenical Youth And Students Team, comprising of SCM, MCC-Youth, YMCA, YWCA and Catholic Youth, organised a “Prayer For Peace” programme on 25 October at the Myanmar Ecumenical Sharing Center in Yangon. 65 youth and students participated in this activity. [read on]


SCMI celebrates IWD and UDPS; elects new GenSec

The General Committee of SCMI will take place in May 2003 in South Tamil Nadu. To mark the international women’s day and to raise the voice against the ongoing war campaign, SCMI jointly organised a half-day programme on the theme “Beating Swords into Ploughshares” on March 7 at the United Theological College in Bangalore. [read on]

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SCMP conducts petition signing for the resumption
of peace talks between GRP-NDFP

November 8-11, 2002

SCMP is conducting a massive petition signing for the immediate Resumption of the Formal Peace Talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front (GRP-NDFP) on the basis of The Hague Declaration and other mutually acceptable agreements, and the implementation of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. [read on]


Be the Light & Do the Justice:
The Second TSCM Training Programme

July 1-8, 2002

The second Taiwan Student Christian Movement Training was held on 1-8 July 2002, with 60 participants. The programme included basic training for the new participants and re-training for those who had passed basic training last year. [read on]

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General Assemblies and other activities for 2001

KSCF had the winter assembly in February and summer assembly in August in 2001. It is significant that KSCF inaugurated the student committee for 2001 since KSCF had not been able to inaugurate the student committee for 2000. The chairperson is Lee Chang-whee, the vice chairperson is Kim Byung-gon and the general secretary is the Park Byum-ooing. [read on]


Exposure in Philippines

June 16-25, 2001

On 16-25 June, amid daily news reports of the Abu Sayaf kidnappings, a group of three intrepid Singaporean SCMers went on an exposure to the Philippines. In the safe hands of host SCM Philippines, the participants experienced the conditions of the urban poor living next to the “Mountain of Garbage” at Payatas, Manila. [read on]