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Student Christian Movement Nepal (NSCM)

SCM Nepal to hold
capacity building for youth

SCM Nepal held a meeting to plan for a Capacity Building Program for Church Youth/Students Leaders on the 1st week of December in Kathmandu. They have elected the following members of its Executive Committee:

  • WSCF AP - NSCM Youth GatheringMr. Rajesh Rai (Chairman)
  • Mr. Raj Man Ghale (Secretary)
  • Mr. Azit Lama (Treasurer)
  • Ms. Sangeeta Rai (Member)
  • and Mr. Isaac Rai (Member).

They have also finalized their SCM Logo
with the following explanation:

  • Big round figure represents the Earth.
  • Inside the Earth is the map of Nepal
  • Inside the map of Nepal are the Christians living in Nepal, represented by Male & Female figures running with the goal/mission/vision of SCM Nepal. The vision is not only for Nepal but all over the world, Christian youth and student responding to global issues with spiritual tools.