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Korean EASYNet holds Youth Week to commemorate patriot Jeon Tea-il

EASYNet Youth Week has been known as ‘Jeon Tea-il Patriot Ceremony’ for three years. This year, the theme was ‘Meeting with Youth Jeon Tea-il’. The members of EASYNet had meaningful time to reflect on how they can revive ‘Jeon Tea-il spirit’ today.

EASYNet Youth Week

The programs contained a cultural festival and film festival. The cultural festival was prepared by six branches. Various plays were presented with so many students and youth actively involved.

Although EASYNet solidarity was weak, the activity gave strength to its participants. An actor who worked on the issue of youth unemployment spoke about how difficult it is for youth to get jobs these days and how capitalism is aggravating it. He also he spoke about how it can be addressed and how they can cooperate and work as one.

The film festival is the first program of Korea EASYNet. The films were chosen by students and youths to answer questions on life and hope. After the film showing, the participants shared their thoughts and feelings.

This year is the 40th years after Jeon Tea-il’s death. Many laborers are irregular workers now. They are discriminated against and the number continues to increase every year. The migrant workers’ situation is very serious.

Their human rights are greatly violated. This EASYNet programs provided these realities to their members.

Some EASYNet members felt it was difficult for them to deal with social problems. But during the sharing, they found out that they can do something to change it even little by little. Through EASYNet Youth Week, the students dream of a changed world and new society for them and the next generations.