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Summer Ecology Spirituality
Volunteer Activities for Farming 2010

Summer Ecology Spirituality Volunteer Activities for FarmingKSCF organized the ‘KSCF Summer Ecology Spirituality Volunteer Activities for Farming’ during the summer vacation in 2010. KSCF made this follow-up program from 2008 SET Program on theme “Climate Justice”. The Volunteer Activity aims to increase the critical awareness among students of the crisis of environment as it relates to the food problem and to realize the importance of farming activities in our lives. Through this program, SCA (SCM of Korea) hopes to be in solidarity to overcome the environmental crisis. After the SET Program in 2008, SCA students organized campaigns and joined movement to decrease the use of disposable products.

The ‘KSCF Summer Ecology Volunteer Activities for Farming’ was arranged with a strong spiritual intention. Students started the program with quiet prayers every morning and finished the day with prayers. Hard physical labor or farming was also a kind of prayer for the students. The sunlight was very strong, and their work was not skillful but the students accepted the hard labor training to learn the value of patience and control in life.

During the last night of the Program, students had a solidarity party with the local people. These programs were often organized to build solidarity between the people living in the urban and country sides during 80’s or 90’s in Korea. But these solidarity visits became seldom recently. KSCF restarted to build relationship with people living in the rural areas from the program. After, KSCF will make efforts to build relation between local, generation, culture and faith. SCMers also have been impacted from the programs. The students became concerned about their role in society and they are discussing the vision of KSCF. We pray that this concern will be toward a new generation for the societal change in Korea and the World.