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Cultural Festival

“Hopeful Song by Stupid”

November 20, 2009

EASYNet Korea Cultural FestivalThe Korea EASYNet organized the ‘2009 Youth Week Program’ on 20th November through a Cultural Festival. Korea EASYNet is composed of six organizations: YMCA, YWCA, EYCK, KSCF, Han Gi-Yeon working together for ecumenical witness. The Youth Week Celebration was participated in by 5 member organizations of EASYNet Korea. The program theme was “Hopeful Song by Stupid”.

In previous years, Korea EASYNet members organize Worship Ceremonies and Prayer Vigils to commemorate the death of Cheon Tea-il, a young girl who was a laborer working in a weaving factory in the 1970’s, Cheon Tea-il committed suicide to protest against unfair labor conditions and to draw attention to the plight of suffering workers in the factories. The subject of Cheon Tea-il and the condition of laborers was once again taken up by a group called ‘Stupid Association’ to awaken the consciousness of youth on the situation marginalized people in their communities.

EASYNet Korea decided to commemorate this event to signify the desire of the youths and students to dream for a new society like Cheon Tea-il and the ‘Stupid Association’.

The Youth Week Program was organized as a Cultural Festival by students and youth to encourage them to express their ideas in creative ways. Recently the students and youths of Korea have been passive about the situation of the marginalized people.

In 2009, Korea EASYNet focused on the subject of the ‘Youth’ to respond this challenge. Korea EASYNet would like to contribute its hope and vision for the students and youths in the future.

This ‘Youth Week Program’ was organized by the students who formed themselves in 9 teams by presenting song and dance numbers. This EASYNet Youth Week Program was impressive and sensitive to the needs of the students and youths. It gave an opportunity to students and youths to express their concern to the neglected people in their society. We hope the students and youths will rebuild the new ecumenical movement through EASYNet Korea. KSCF is the Moderator of EASYNet Korea.