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KSCF holds 61st Assembly,
elects new committee members

March 4, 2009

KSCF holds 61st Assembly, elects new committee membersThe 61st Assembly of the KSCF was held on March 4, 2009 in the Anglican University, which was attended by students, senior friends, officers and committee members from 17 universities.

The assembly, decided to take Education as the theme, and focus more on Students related issues and problems. They said that, today the student communities are challenged of their identity issues who are struggling to find their position in the society. Moreover, the current financial situation has worsened the unemployment problem and has created a greater pressure for the students and youth to get a decent job in the country.

During this assembly, KSCF elected new student committees for the year 2009. There were a lot of changes of the positions/ leadership in the committees.

The assembly tried to reduce the hierarchy system of the committees and invited women and members from other branches (locals, school) and nominated only three members from the KSCF to represent in the committees. They are Nam gi­pyong(Nam), Kang su-hey(Su­hey), Lim jung-A(Jung-A). And the changed charter of KSCF was declared as the decision of students.

KSCF as a movement have struggled to survive until now and facing challenges to be actives in the present context.